Landlords Listen Up: Here’s How You Can Be More Successful

Written by Chloe Harwood

It might sound harsh, but the majority of landlord don’t know how to run a business, and so, fail to treat their rental properties as one. The problem is that far too many landlords get too involved with their tenants and are then unable to treat them like clients.

For many people who deal with rental properties, it is a mindset problem. For some reason, many landlords fail to think of their tenants as their customers, but that’s what they are. The property the landlords provide is the service, and the tenants are the customers.

If you are a landlord who struggles to treat their rental properties as a business, then listen up. Here is our simple guide to being a successful landlord; have a read, take note, and listen to the advice on offer.

Treat it like a business

Don’t fall into the trap of failing to treat being a landlord like running a business, realize that being a landlord is a business. Many landlords treat renting properties as a hobby, when actually it is a business venture.

However, landlords who treat their business with respect, tend to be much more successful. Those landlords who are organized and put time into running their landlord business, reap the rewards.

Screen tenants

Instead of just letting to anyone, landlords who want to run a successful business should screen tenants. The biggest mistake many landlords make is choosing the wrong tenants – a costly mistake. Picking the wrong tenants can lead to late and unpaid rent, as well as costly eviction proceedings.

The landlords who treat their business like a hobby are more likely to pick the wrong tenants, because they don’t put the time in. However, the landlords who are serious about their business, take their time and rarely end up in a bad situation.

Get professional help

If you struggle to keep on top of everything, why not consider getting some professional help? There are so many companies that offer management for landlords, such as Keyrenter Franchise, for example.

If you are struggling to keep on top of everything on your own, then it’s a good idea to hire the help of a professional company.

Treat tenants with respect

Landlords don’t have to like their tenants, but what they do have to do is respect them. After all, they are your clients and deserve your respect.

Even if your despise your clients, don’t let your personal feelings get in the way of your business relationship. As long as your tenants pay their rent on time and keep your property in good order, there is no reason for any bad feelings between you.

Don’t be too nice

While it’s important to show your tenants respect, don’t be too nice to them. It might sound like a complete reversal of what we have just said, but hear us out. As a landlord, your job isn’t to make friends and become pals with the tenants, your job is to be fair.

If you are overly nice to your tenants, they will think that they have the upper hand and may attempt to walk all over you. For example, if a tenant is late with rent, don’t accept it. It might sound harsh, but the terms of the tenancy were set out in advance, so your tenants know when rent is due.

Running a successful landlord business might be hard work, but it is incredibly beneficial. Remember, the key to being a successful landlord is treating tenants with respect and dealing with problems in a professional manner.

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