A Little Pomp Goes A Long Way In Winning Clients

Written by Chloe Harwood

When you first start running a business, you might like to think that your work is going to speak for itself. It’s not. Not even your marketing is going to do the convincing that you need it to. Instead, the business needs to have a certain pomp to it. It needs to look big, it needs to look legitimate, and it needs to look like a professional outfit. That creates a trustworthiness and a prominence that can be much more convincing to potential clients than all the marketing and hard work in the world. Here’s how you get it.

Spend time a great brand

Your messaging might focus around the services or products you offer, right now, which is a good start. However, a great brand has to have more impact than that. For instance, it needs a professional visual style and a website that represents the level of quality you want clients to expect. The message itself should be better crafted, too. Don’t think just about what you offer. What niche do you cover? What do your customers want? What are emotional or lifestyle effects of getting in business with you? Inform and deepen your brand to make it much more convincing.

Shake some hands

Getting your name out there and becoming a known quantity is great, but you shouldn’t focus on just making it known by clients and customers. Other business leaders can lend your company a lot of legitimacy as will tell you. Attend trade shows, network with other leaders, reach out to them. It might be as simple as a retweet from a much more established business, but getting their seal of approval can make your business look much more legitimate.

Develop that professional sheen

When you first start out, the business can be pretty rough for some time. However, it doesn’t have to look rough to clients. For instance, if you’re running a business from home or a particularly small office, then using the mailing address of a bigger building can make you look more established. If you don’t have time to always be there to answer the phone, services like can make sure that your potential clients and partners still get treated with good service and professional manners. All the while, you have to work on your own standards of dress and etiquette, too. The sooner you start behaving and looking like a professional; the sooner people believe you are one.

Your rep matters

Growing word-of-mouth, referrals, and good reviews from clients and customers will help you build a great rep. But what you do for them isn’t all that matters. The impact your business makes in the wider world is important, too. Nowadays, people pay close attention to the responsibility and respectability of those they do business with. Developing that good reputation might mean treating your employees well and being an ethical boss. It might also mean making efforts to make your office green or partnering with a good cause in the area.

Pomp alone isn’t enough, of course. Outreach has to work hand-in-hand with it and your work has to back it all up or else it will fall flat in very little time. But a little pomp does go a long way.

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