Locks, Lanyards And Lighting: Security Methods For The Workplace

Written by Chloe Harwood

Security is a fundamental part of workplace procedure. At least, it should be. When you are working in a small building with a skeleton staff, you may overlook the security issue. It can be argued that with less staff, there is less risk of a security breach. It is not the best working practice. There are small ways that you can increase safety in your workplace without having to turn your office into Fort Knox.


Having increased lighting in the building at night reduces deterrents, and is less likely to be the target of thieves.

Locking Items Away

At the end of the working day, assigning someone the duty of checking every desk in the office space for stray documents is a method a lot of workplaces use. As well as preventing breaches in data protection, it is good practice to keep a clean work environment. Having designated confidential waste bins also helps with this. So, at the end of the day, making sure that any scraps of paper with potentially sensitive information written down goes in these bins will help too.

Security Cameras

Having a secure workplace means putting security cameras at every exit and entrance. The problem with this in the context of a small business is that there may not be enough funds to purchase this in the beginning. It should be a priority, but installing dummy CCTV cameras is a way around it in the short term. The mere sight of a camera is enough to deter petty criminals for the most part when it comes to keeping the building secure overnight.

Individual ID Badges

Issuing each staff member with an ID badge is essential for many reasons. Installing a security gate which will only let authorized staff in is a standard approach for businesses now. For those that are visitors to the company, issuing them with a temporary badge for the day and asking them to sign in and out will help keep track of who is in the building at any one time.

The great thing about ID badges is that they can be deactivated. For those that are leaving the company permanently, they will not have access to the building even if they still have their badge on them. A website like could make personalized ID badges if you wanted to put the company logo on them.

Anti-Virus Software

A different type of security measure, but a critical one nonetheless! Having total security with your computer systems is a precaution you need to take. With your business handling sensitive data from outside sources, you need to make sure you have an anti-virus package that protects the business from hackers and data thieves. With so many news stories about data breaches making the news, you must be vigilant in protecting your data. Having a leak of information will cost you financially, as you will have to pay a fine. It will also cost you the custom, as people will lose their trust in your ability as a company.

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