Looking For The Mother Hen In The Pecking Order: Employee Skills That Need To Be Nurtured

Written by Chloe Harwood

What should businesses be looking for in the right employee? If you are new to the world of employing staff members. Or you are expressing dissatisfaction with your current ones, are there reasons why they are not cutting it currently?

Sometimes it is the relationship between employer and employee. There can be a gulf separating the two, and so seeing it from the other perspective is not achieved. When looking for an employee, what skills do they need to possess in order to be able to understand the business and help aid the company?

“Going The Extra Mile” Mentality

An attitude that can help you go far. While it is not expected of an employee to say “yes” to every opportunity that passes their way, if they say “no” constantly that will work against their favour in the long run. When employees take on responsibilities outside of their remit, they shouldn’t be doing it with a heavy heart. And they shouldn’t be lamenting the time they have to spend in work. In doing the extra task, they are expanding their avenues for professional growth.

Understanding Where They Fit Into The Organisation

This is a perspective that will help to maintain a sense of order in the company. Having employees overstep their mark, while it shows initiative, can cause internal conflict amongst those who feel that they are being usurped. Having regular team meetings where goals are discussed, dissected and action plans are generated can work to remedy this. Continual reinforcement of basic work rules and processes can help to achieve productivity. And sending staff on courses in customer service, or Work Active Manual Handling Training courses always helps to give staff an understanding of the fundamentals that keep the business active.


How many times can a business leader hear about communication in the workplace being an essential tool? Well, here it is again. In all aspects of business, between customer to business, business to business and others. But in terms of the employee, they need to be succinct and communicate effectively. Being a brief and to the point employee makes for good time management, and those people that have that skill are ones which will go far. Those that do not can learn the skill. If your workforce could benefit from learning this skill, book in a short course with a company that teach it. In a relaxed, workshop based environment, staff can learn the value of good communication and apply it. Not just to your business, but to their lives also. Enriching their lives outside of the work environment will pay dividends for your organisation.

Having Multiple “Transferable” Skills

A handy skill in the workplace if your staff numbers are on the low side. Working in a startup company or an SME has no room for people that are single skilled. Wearing many hats in the workplace makes for a resourceful employee. This will help to keep the business active when there are internal issues, like illness. And, as the diamonds in the office make themselves apparent, you can earmark them for greater things.

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