How To Make Sure You Have Returning Customers To Your Business

Written by Chloe Harwood

Running a business is a difficult task in itself because of the vast array of different jobs you will find yourself doing, while also making sure that everyone else involved in your business is doing their job correctly. However, keeping customers happy should be your main priority because at the end of the day, they are the reason that your business is able to survive. If they weren’t spending money at your establishment or on your services and products then you wouldn’t have a business to think about in the first place. While your regular customers are important, concentrating on getting new customers to return to your business is important too, and in this article is going to be a guide on how you can make sure you have returning customers to your business.


One of the most important things that you can do for your business is to make sure that it’s looking it’s best at all times, including the exterior. For example, if you run a store make sure that the sign for your shop isn’t chipped and worn down, and be sure to paint the exterior to keep your place looking fresh and inviting. When it comes to the interior, having a well decorated interior will please customers as they are walking in. Don’t forget to have the layout of your store in such a way that makes sense for new customers so that they don’t become frustrated trying to find what they are looking for.

Presentation also goes as far as how you and your staff present yourselves. Be sure to have matching uniforms and a standard of appearance so that when customers enter your establishment they feel welcomed and at ease. Customer service is also something that you should be pushing your staff to be at their best with.


Showing that your business is the real deal is important to customers because they like to know that they aren’t being ripped off. Even if that means them taking home invoices and receipts, they would rather know that the product or service they want is genuine.

Be sure to have the right equipment for the job too by having up to date computer systems and printers. Don’t forget about toner and ink cartridges so that when you do have to print something off for a customer that they can clearly read everything on the page. A bad toner or a printer that’s low on ink will produce a document that looks unprofessional and messy.

Happy staff

One thing that shows to customers when they enter your business is whether your staff are happy or not. This says a lot about the kind of business owner you are and will affect their decision to come back to you in the future. Be sure to keep your staff happy by providing them with the best hours possible, and also ensuring that they are taking the breaks that they are entitled to.

Another way of keeping staff happy is to provide them with a decent amount of annual leave and also a competitive salary. Imagine working for a company that pays you the bare minimum and doesn’t allocate you enough time to relax away from work – you wouldn’t be overly happy about it would you?

Be sure to give your staff other incentives too like a discount on the services or products that you offer, alongside a generous pension scheme with other bonuses too. This will ensure that your staff are happy and this will reflect on customers when they walk through the door.


While you need to make your profits on the products or services that you offer, you also need to be offering competitive prices to your customers. Having prices that are too high will turn customers away from your service.

A great way of getting around this dilemma is by creating offers and sales for your customers. For example, having a two for one offer on a product of yours will create the illusion that you’re giving your customers a great deal. However, the fact that the cheapest item is free means you can make the amount that you desire from your products. It will also ensure that your customers come back for all of the great deals that you offer.

Prioritise complaints

Complaints aren’t something that any business owner wants, but unfortunately they are something that every business will experience at some point or another. Prioritising these complaints to show that you care about the level of service that you’re giving your customers, and that you care about whether or not they will return will show them that you’re not just a corporate business owner that’s only interested in the money.

If you do have a situation that arises, be sure to give your customer a discount on the next time that they come in the shop. This will entice them to come back into your business with an open mind about how fair you are as a business owner.


Finally, the marketing that you’re doing for your business is important too. The use of social media is on the rise for businesses and you should use that to your advantage. Create social media accounts for your business and show off to your followers what you have to offer. People that have been to you before will recognise your name and are likely to return to take advantage of the offers that you have on.

Be sure to use avenues like billboards, adverts online, and also leaflets to display around town for people to see too so that you’re getting your name around as much as possible.

Apply all of these techniques to your business and you will soon find that you have more returning customers than ever. Good luck with your enterprise!

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