Making the Case for Diversity in Small Business

Written by Chloe Harwood

As a small business owner, the subject of diversity is something you are likely to think is right at the bottom of your priority list. But should it be? It’s understandable that owners of small businesses feel their focus should be elsewhere, of course. The truth about diversity, however, is that it can lead to better business results. So, if you are an employer that has a tendency to hire people from similar backgrounds, maybe you should be thinking about mixing it up a little. Here are some take-homes about diversity for you to chew over.

A happier workforce

Allow people to be who they want to be, and they will be more productive, loyal, and enthusiastic about your business. It’s that simple. Let’s assume you hire someone who, unbeknownst to everyone else, is gay. If there is a homophobic atmosphere in your workplace, how could you expect this person to work as well as they could? In fact, the chances are they will look for the first opportunity to leave. So, the first thing you should do is start tackling bigoted views in your workplace. Doing so will help you reduce your employee turnover and get more out of every single worker.

A more accessible workplace

If you hire a diverse workforce, you start appealing to a more diverse market. Let’s say you decide to revamp your offices so it is more inclusive for workers with disabilities. You might look out for the best lift maintenance contractor you can find, to ensure your offices are always accessible. You could also invest in low-standing desks for your employees who have disabilities. And, by providing a space for wheelchair using employees, you are also providing a space for customers with disabilities.

A better reputation

Many people out there are making conscientious buying decisions these days. It means that, if necessary, they will make a choice. If the choice is between a business with a bad rep or a diverse business that does things the right way, there will only be one winner. And for many, they will even discount price as a deciding factor. So make no mistake about it, going about your business the right way does have an impact. You can’t expect instant success, of course. Hiring a few minorities will not lead to instant riches. But in the long-term, you will be ready to meet the challenges of a changing society with a lot more confidence.

A bigger pool of skills

Finally, when you hire people from the same backgrounds, everyone thinks in a similar way. Creativity, therefore, takes a nosedive. The more diverse your workforce, the more ideas they will have – and that is only good news for your business. You will find you can target different markets, and understand the things that may be in the way of minority groups accessing your service. The simple truth is that if you embrace diversity, you open up far more channels and potential than if you don’t.

Let us know your thoughts on diversity in the workplace – what are the benefits you have experienced?

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