Millennial Managers: Avoid These Common Mistakes

Written by Chloe Harwood

Did you know that 33 % of the workforce is made up of Millennials? They’re slowly taking over, in other words, and are currently the single largest generations at work today. It’s quite likely that some of them make it all the way to the top too, mingling with the ranks of business leaders and managers, and putting their diverse skills to the best of use.

As it is with anyone in a leadership position, they might make a few mistakes which could easily have been avoided. Here is how Millennial leaders can avoid the expensive hiccups and lead a team of various generations with ease and confidence.

Birds of a feather

Hiring bias is a real thing among employers. It makes sense, though, as we’re naturally inclined to prefer the kind of people who resemble us. It’s why the tactic of mirroring other’s behavior can be so effective, and even why it can be a good idea to list a few popular hobbies on your resume.

Despite Millennial’s reputation for being open-minded and flexible, they’re infamous for creating a homogeneous workplace and subconsciously favoring those who resemble them.

When the employer sees that, not only do you also enjoy horseback riding, but you’re also from the same kind of background, she’ll be a lot more likely to sympathise with you – and to hire you. Read up on the hiring bias in this excellent article, by the way, and consider implementing a blind panel next time you need to start the interviewing process.  

Overlooking the importance of training

Encouraging lifelong learning and providing continuous employee training is alfa omega to company success and is, by many, considered to be a manager’s most important job. While it can sometimes be costly to provide proper training, the benefits it will give your business are far too good to miss out on.

Millennials need to realize how important this is and come to terms with investing in proper tools and teachers. Have a look at to kickstart it right away; employee training is the only way to make meaningful progress to your company’s goals.

Communicating inappropriately

Being in a leadership position can be tough – especially when the team you’re leading is of other generations than yourself. Millennials have gained a reputation for communicating inappropriately with subordinates as well as colleagues – it makes sense, in a way, as they’ll often prefer a flat structure over the top-down style.

Nonetheless, one needs to know when it’s alright to send that angry text message and when it may come back to haunt you later on. Learn proper business etiquette and avoid humiliating situations. Have a look at and you’ll know what we mean.

The younger generation has a lot of desirable office traits, that’s for sure; their motivation and drive to succeed is often what got them their position, to begin with.

Avoid these common HR mistakes, and you’ll be able to perform a lot better than your fellow Millennial leaders, and contribute to a diverse office culture in constant growth.

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