The Millennial Movement: From Office To The Outdoors

Written by Chloe Harwood

Our society is becoming more and more aware of the food that arrives on our plates. People are beginning to reject processed, cheap products and are now on the path to embracing healthier ways of life. It is now fashionable to eat responsibly sourced foods, as it is kinder to animals and our environment. We could never have predicted that Farmers in business have completely changed in their demographic over the past few years. More and more of the younger generation or ‘millennials,’ as they are most often known, are turning to agriculture as their chosen profession. Instead of trying to survive in the daily race of life, they are ditching their desks and taking on the dirt. Let’s face it, this generation seem to be the most well-informed and passionate about the way our food is being produced, so what better way than to begin their careers in agriculture?

Technology Transformations

When we were younger we grew up with idealistic images in our minds about farming and how our local foods are produced. Nowadays technology is changing so rapidly that it is changing the way in which farming and agricultural businesses carry out their day to day tasks. There are now top notch machines and conveyor belts, that come in a whole ranges of speeds, shapes and sizes. Farms are also beginning to use extremely advanced robotics, automatic tractors and even drones. It is interesting to think that the agricultural sector is now morphing into a technological sector too. The inspiring entrepreneurs of this day and age may well be the face of your local farm soon.

The Future

It is being said that the future of farming is being put at risk by environmental issues such as global warming. The goals should be to create a healthier and more sustainable world in which the agricultural economy can thrive and grow. The opportunities for young people to begin a career in farming have never been more hopeful. They are the people who carry the knowledge of the planet and nutritional values of fresh food. The idea of mindful and natural living has become a world-wide phenomenon and the youth of today have the opportunity to turn this passion into a career. Millennials have lived through the biggest technological advances that there have ever been. They possess the experience in new tech and devices which can now be incorporated into farming systems.

The typical image of a farmer is now changing as young people want to make an impact on the world’s health and environment. Many millennials are now choosing to study degrees in agriculture and are highly motivated by food production processes. They are seeking organic, locally sourced and natural produce which fits into societies healthy outlook on life. It doesn’t seem to be a passing fad either and is looking like an extremely positive things for the economy. Recent graduates are contributing to preserving the lost art of farming. Improving technologies and innovative insights will also keep the farming world booming in difficult economic times.

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Chloe Harwood