Movavi Screen Recorder Review

Written by Chloe Harwood

Have you ever wanted to record something from your screen but found that there was no easy way to get the job done? While there are many screen recorders out there that will allow you to capture video footage from your screen, they are often not that versatile and can be fairly complicated to use.

That is why having a screen recorder like Movavi Screen Recorder can be really useful. In contrast to other options that you may have considered in the past it is intuitive and easy to use, and will let you record exactly what you need from your screen without any complications whatsoever.

Every part of Movavi Screen Recorder is designed to be intuitive enough that it requires no prior experience or expertise. Its interface is clean and simple, while its features are straightforward and can be applied quickly.

In fact it should only take you a minute or two at most to set up Movavi Screen Recorder and start recording the video footage that you require. Once you’re familiar with the software and its interface it will probably take much less than that, and you’ll be able to get underway in a matter of seconds.

Versatile Features

While Movavi Screen Recorder is definitely a simple and basic screen recorder – it is still very versatile and will allow you to fully customize your recording and decide exactly what footage you want to record from your screen. Simply put you’ll be in complete control over what’s being recorded.

Some of the notable ways in which Movavi Screen Recorder ensures that you’ll have complete control is with its features that will let you:

  • Define the capture area to record a specific part of your screen, a program window, or the full screen.
  • Set the audio source to record the system audio or audio from external devices such as a microphone.
  • Adjust the audio levels for each audio source individually.
  • Set the frame rate to up to 60 frames per second for smooth and high quality video playback.
  • Automate the recording by setting a timer to stop it after a fixed duration, or scheduling both a start and stop time.
  • Display keyboard actions on-screen so that they can be recorded.
  • Customize the mouse cursor to highlight or hide it, and set up a custom ‘click’ sound that is more audible.
  • Trim out any unwanted parts from the recording after it is complete.

As you can see the flexibility in Movavi Screen Recorder is so great that you should be able to use it for any and all of your screen recording needs. It can just as easily record Netflix as it can save Skype calls, create video guides, or perform any other tasks you might need it to.

All said and done Movavi Screen Recorder’s versatility coupled with how easy it is to use make it the perfect tool for all-purpose screen recording. If you have any doubts you should try it for yourself, and see firsthand exactly what it can do and how easy it is to get started.

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