Need A Bigger Office? Start Your Search With These Top Tips

Written by Chloe Harwood

All business owners should have a long term plan which sees their business grow and develop. But even with this plan in place, many can feel overwhelmed when growth begins to happen. One of the first major changes that comes with business growth is the employment of additional staff. While this is brilliant, it can quickly lead to your office becoming unfit for purpose. This can cause cramped working areas and less work being accomplished. To make your team more comfortable and to enhance productivity, it might be time to relocate to a larger workplace. Use the tips in this guide to make the relocation process as stress-free as possible.

Know what kind of office you want

Consider the aspects of your current office that work well and which need improvement. This is the ideal time to find somewhere that suits your company’s culture and work better. Even though you need more space, there are other things you might require too. You might want an office space with an employee lounge included. Or you might want an open plan layout or designated rooms for the varying sectors of your team. You may need somewhere that can accommodate your phone system more effectively or with enhanced security. Have a team meeting with your employees to help you determine what environment would best your business. This could give you a clearer idea of what you need to be looking for during your property search.

Use apps

It might take some time to find the perfect place to relocate your business to. But using real estate apps can make things go a lot quicker. You can use them to find commercial properties such as offices, warehouses, and shops that are available within your local area. Setting up alerts on these apps means you are the first to find out about new properties that have just been listed. You can view images and gain information about the layout and condition of the property. You can then arrange a viewing with the agent and see the property on the same day. This speeds up the process while also being convenient and easy to use.

Be Realistic

While it might be tempting to rent or buy an office that is bigger than you require, this can be a costly mistake. Remember that you will need to power the additional space, and you might feel you need to fill the space with unnecessary equipment. This can put a strain on your current finances, which could affect your business’s progression. Just because your company has experienced growth now, doesn’t mean it will necessarily continue. Growth is often a gradual thing, so don’t plan too far ahead. Only look at properties that provide you with the right amount of room that you and your staff need. Be realistic and you can’t go wrong.

With these tips, you can accommodate your new staff and encourage further business growth in the future. While this fast growth may not be what you were expecting, it clearly shows that your business is succeeding.

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