Your New Year’s Resolution: Invest In Your Home Office

Written by Chloe Harwood

You are probably in the thick of it regarding the holidays and will be concentrating on winding down for the year so that you can enjoy a break over the festive period. However, it can be a challenge to switch off from your work, especially when you work from home. There will always be things that will tempt you back into your study space, but it’s vital that you ensure you have some time away to clear your head and spend quality moments with your family so that you can tackle the challenges of the new year and begin a fresh start. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to invest in your home office so that 2018 is your most productive year yet. Whether you work remotely for another company or are self-employed; your office area needs to have a professional edge, and the fact that it’s in your home space, should be irrelevant.

Investing some time and effort into making changes, upgrading, and improving your work environment will ensure that you have a successful new year of work to look forward to. Therefore, it’s worth taking some time between now and the new year, to assess how well your study works for you, and what the key areas that need improving might be.  Whether it’s the environment, layout, software, or equipment that you feel is holding you back a little; it’s time to improve them. The following are some ideas for those who want to separate their home office from the rest of their home so that they can work efficiently and effectively during the new year and move forward in a positive manner.

Equipment Upgrades

Whether it’s your computer that is running slowly, or if your smartphone is used for both personal call and business contacts; these are investments not to be ignored. You don’t have to fork out thousands for a new laptop or computer; you can pick up a fully functioning and speedy refurbished model online for a fraction of what it would cost new. You don’t want to be halfway through a vital project, only for your screen to cut out and your system to fail, so make sure you replace and upgrade the necessary items. The best way to switch off from work life after you leave your home office is to ensure that you utilize a separate phone. You can get some great deals online from sites like Verizon, and you’ll be able to switch your new smartphone off and leave work behind each day. Being able to leave your tasks behind once you’ve closed the door is essential for that crucial work-life balance in the home space.

Interior Improvements

Although one of the benefits of having an office at home is that you don’t have to suffer terrible corporate lighting or carpets; you still want the space to feel separate from the rest of the house. When you walk into the study to work; your mind needs to be able to switch from home-mode to work-mode, and the best way to do that is to invest in the interior environment. You’ll need to strike a balance between comfort and style, and layout and functionality. Therefore, it might be time to think about a fresh coat of paint in January, and picking up some new, streamline office furniture during the new year sales.

Make sure the room is laid-out effectively, and you have plenty of natural light. Organize the space with clever storage solutions and make sure that you can access everything you need to during the working day with ease. Make sure you have great lighting, and stock up on the little stationery touches that are going to make your life that bit more straightforward; these things will give you a great boost in the new year and you can pick up some bargains in the sales.

Investing In Software

If you’ve bought that new computer; you’ll want it to have all the latest software on it so that you can keep up with any competitors or ensure that you have the most productive working weeks possible. Therefore, think about your job role, and research into the latest software that’s currently on the market, or due to be released in the new year. You could hold off and wait for the very latest in tech to hit your computer or do the same so that you’re able to purchase the last round of software at a better price. Only invest in what you’ll utilize regularly, and create the ideal environment for a productive 2018 ahead in your home office!

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