No Employees? No Problem

Written by Chloe Harwood

The thought of running a business without a single employee is strange for most traditional business owners. After all, how could you possibly manage finances, accounting, promotion, marketing, IT and design all by yourself? It could take superhuman levels of intellect and speed to manage a business as a lone person. And how would you achieve it? Would you just have several computers running different applications at all times? Or would you just switch between hundreds of software on your single laptop?

Those are all ridiculous claims. In fact, running a business without a single employee is an incredibly viable business proposition that is already gaining traction. How do they do it? Is it with performance enhancing drugs and lots of coffee? Nope. Outsourcing.

No Job Too Big

Whether it’s creating a website, managing an eCommerce service or planning a promotional event at a trade show, outsourcing your work has no limits. You could request the most ridiculous things and, as long as the outsourcing company supports your needs, they’ll be able to give you a hand and boost your business without you needing to hire a single employee. In fact, companies like Dyrand Systems could offer you complete IT solutions that act like your own IT department. The only difference is that they’re virtual, meaning you don’t need an office, they won’t ask for a raise, and you don’t need to buy tea and coffee for them.

No Job Too Small

Similarly, if you need something quick done such as a quick computer repair or a new logo designed for your upcoming website, then you can hire freelancers to do that job for you at an extremely low price compared to what you would pay to hire an employee. You can send back and forth messages to make sure they know what you want, and there are hundreds of different freelancers to pick from that all specialise in different things. Some could specialise in comic-style logos with cartoon designs, and some could specialise in working in the fashion industry, making their logo designs much more stylish and modern.

Why Do It?

The reason for starting an employee-less business is simple: flexibility. The costs for outsourcing will eventually pile up if you don’t manage repeatable tasks. For example, if you make regular use of an accountant, the costs of hiring that person will amount to more than you would spend if you just used a cloud accounting service and learned to manage your books by yourself.

The key here is to learn what you can. The more work you put in, the less you need to outsource. Have a great business idea and have a passion for design? Then create your own logos, websites, banners and advertisement flyers to save costs. Do you have a thing for maths and numbers? Then consider managing your books yourself instead of outsourcing it.

Once you’ve gained a footing, you can easily run a business at home on your own without the need for employees, but maintain an air of professionalism thanks to freelancers and outsourcing businesses that will provide you with top-quality work for an affordable price.

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