Outsourcing So You Can Focus On The Important Things

Written by Chloe Harwood

Your business is like your baby; you raised it into the flourishing enterprise it is now, but, like any parent, there comes a time when you have to loosen the reigns. In business, this means delegating tasks and outsourcing jobs that can be done equally well outside of the office.

By freeing up your time by outsourcing, you have more energy to focus on the important things like growing your business.

Outsourcing can also save you money; a contracted worker can cost more than a freelancer, or a pay-by-month plan. However, in the long run, you may find having someone in the office benefits you more. Just know that delegating certain jobs to other people can do nothing but help you to save time to spend on making your business successful.


When it comes down to content, social media and blogs – it’s a full-time job, on top of you running the business. There are two ways to outsource the writing responsibilities; the first is to hire a copywriter (or content writer, or social media manager – whichever fits your work better.) Having an in-house writer can be beneficial in that they are immersed in your business, they only focus on what looks and sounds best for one company.

The second choice is to outsource to a freelance writer. You can do this through freelancing sites or the normal job advertising route. The benefit of doing it this way is that you only pay for the work when you need it. A freelance writer is adept at changing the tone of their writing to match your company and can offer a fresh view on things.


Your computers are a huge part of your business, and the maintenance of them can take a lot of time and expertise. Again there are two ways around this – the first is to hire an IT specialist, they are on call to fix any issues immediately in person.

However, unless you are a moderately big company, or an IT company, this level of attentiveness may not be what you need. The second choice is to look into managed IT services, having a second party manage all the problems, updating and maintenance as and when you need them.


Finances are a tedious thing – they are timely but necessary. Any successful business has to have great financial records, and they are something you should have someone else do. The benefits of an in-house bookkeeper are in the fact that they know every corner of your business’s finances, they don’t have to work on any other accounts (except perhaps their own) and can advise you, in person, whenever you want, However, there is still the option of outsourcing.

Again, a smaller business could profit from this route more, but there’s no reason why a larger one wouldn’t either. A talented bookkeeper whether in your office or sourced through a bookkeeping company will have the same amount of knowledge (depending, of course, on experience) and will work to the best of their abilities.

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