Overlooked Tech That Saves Lives Everyday

Written by Chloe Harwood

We are living in a technological age. Every single day, pretty much everything we do is affected by technology in one way or another. If you get ill or get into an accident, it’s technology that helps you; Life support machines, needle-free diabetes care, robot surgery and check-ups, vital signs monitors all help to save people’s lives every single day. However, there is plenty more tech that helps to save lives every single day but is often overlooked when compared to these groundbreaking pieces of medical technology. Here are few amazing pieces of tech that could save your life one day.

Cell Phones

You can do so much on your cell phones these days, that it shouldn’t be any wonder that they have the power to save your life. If you’re ever in an emergency, you can call the police from almost anywhere, or alert someone to an emergency using an app. If you’re lost, you can use maps to find your way, or someone else can find you using GPS. Even something as simple as playing games on your phone can help to save your life, as it will reduce your blood pressure, and therefore the risk of developing heart disease.

Smoke Alarm

House fires can be caused by so many different things, such as a fallen over candle, faulty wiring, a deep fat fryer, and so much more. When house fires break out, they can do so without any warning and can spread incredibly quickly. If you’re asleep or are in a different room, a smoke alarm is essential. It will detect the smoke from the fire and let out a high pitched alarm, which can give you some time to get out of your property or put out the fire before it spreads too much and blocks your path. At the very least, it will alert your neighbours, so that they can phone the fire brigade. This could save your life, and saves many lives every single day. Unfortunately, some people overlook just how important smoke alarms are, and don’t put batteries in them, or just don’t have working smoke alarms installed. This could be a deadly mistake, so always make sure that you have a working alarm installed, and test it regularly.

Medical Software

When it’s compared to life support machines and robots that can conduct surgeries, it’s no wonder that medical software, like the ones provided by Medical Director, are often overlooked when you think of life-saving technology. Surprisingly, this software is actually incredibly important, and will affect your experience every time you go to the doctor’s or hospital. This software helps to book appointments, check in patients, manage medication and so much more.This might not seem overly important but without it, a practice or hospital might run out of life-saving medication.

You are constantly hearing complaints about young people being attached to their phones or the world being run by technology, but is this really a bad thing, when it has the power to do so much good?

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