Why It Pays to Give Your Workplace a Cosmetic Makeover

Written by Chloe Harwood

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the design and feel of your workplace has a large impact on employee performance. After all, who would want to work in a damp, dark room with chipped floors, broken tables and not a single decoration? The places we work in can have a huge effect on how we perform. In this article, we’ll be going into more detail about how a well-designed workplace can ultimately change your business for the better.

Using Colour to Improve Employee Moods

It’s not immediately obvious to most business owners, but colours can actually have a subtle impact on how employees feel and work. Colour psychology is something that has been used in many different facets of business, from grocery store arrangements to creating the perfect business logo. For instance, green colours promote a sense of harmony and relaxation, while red encourages action, passion and excitement. By painting your walls or using different coloured furniture, you can evoke certain emotions from your employees to help them fit into their environment.

A Clean Workplace Is an Inviting One

As mentioned before, no one wants to work in an environment that isn’t inviting. Giving your office a cosmetic overhaul can really set the tone and show your employees that you’re willing to create a clean, inviting and professional environment. You can use custom concrete to create a smooth surface in your warehouse or to create durable finishes for busy parts of your workplace. In addition, de-cluttering your workplace can also make way for future team growth. Making more space can ultimately lead to a better workflow in your office which will boost productivity and employee morale.

Changing the Culture of Your Workplace

Workplace culture is something that has become incredibly important over the past decade—especially for startups. There’s a need for personality in the workplace and it’s crucial to establish some traditions, beliefs and goals that everyone in your workplace can follow. This helps to create team synergy which is important to help you grow your business. Changing the look and feel of your office is a great way to adapt to your evolving office culture. You should treat your office like a canvas to paint your office ideologies. For instance, if you like to promote teamwork and communication, then an open office plan is a fantastic change to implement. If you have company mantras or sayings, then framing them and placing them around the office can be a good way to remind your employees of their goals and your company culture.


If you feel like your business needs a little boost, then try and give your workplace a cosmetic overhaul. It’s far cheaper than trying to relaunch your brand, and it can usually be done on a budget so you don’t need to spend as much money. Use colours to your advantage, clean up the workplace to make it inviting and take advantage of your unique office culture to create a workplace that will boost productivity.

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