Why People Love Gardening And Why You Should Too

Written by Chloe Harwood

Now that it is spring there is a lot to see outside. The flowers begin to bloom, for example, and the sun starts to bake the ground. Oh, and homeowners flock to their gardens like flies hover around dirt. Like the great migration, every year people make a run for their hoes and spades and set up camp outside. Unlike wildebeest and zebra, they don’t do it out of some innate instinct. The truth is that they love to tend to their patches for a variety of reasons. As it turns out, you should too and below are the reasons why.

It’s Peaceful & Relaxing

When the sun shines, there is nothing worse than being stuck inside. Your home, the castle that you live in, begins to feel like a prison instead. All you want to do is get outside and enjoy the warm weather. Sadly, there is nothing you can think of as an excuse. Gardeners can and it’s called tending to their plants. First and foremost, it gets them out of the house on sunny days when watching TV inside isn’t preferable. Secondly, it helps them to relax and relieve tension that builds because of the rigours of life. Everyone needs an outlet, and gardening is phenomenal.

It’ Challenging

However, if you think one can plant a couple of seeds and watch them grow then you are wrong. Like most hobbies, gardening is a skill which needs sharpening over time. And, in many respects, this is what makes it exciting. It’s amazing how much joy a mulch delivery van can provide. If you’re wondering why this is the case, it’s because it helps to add nutrients as well as suppress weeds. Watching something grow from nothing is very special. Knowing that it took lots of hard work and effort makes it seem all the sweeter. Nothing good comes from anything easy.

It’s Exercise

The idea of pruning leaves doesn’t sound physically intimidating, and it isn’t. Still, it doesn’t mean that gardening doesn’t get the blood pumping. In fact, it works a variety of muscles and helps to burn fat. Think about the different positions that you have to hold, from crouching on the floor to reaching up to high branches. These exercises are like bicep curls, especially if there is a weight in your hand. Also, it’s a type of work out that is 99% aerobic and that is essential if you want to burn fat. So, if marathons aren’t your thing, gardening is a basic yet effective alternative.

It’s Social

Hobbies bring people together and gardening is no different. How does this happen when you’re stood outside the house? Well, lots of properties have front and back lawns which border one another. Being out at the same time usually leads to conversation and bonding. After all, there is at least one thing that you both have in common. Other than that, there are allotments which act as small communities. Join one and you’ll meet a host of new people.

So, are you ready to jump on the grass-cutting bandwagon?

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