Popemobile Hits Auto Auction

Written by Chloe Harwood

Not every day you have a chance to potentially purchase a vehicle in which the beloved Pope had rode in while he visited the United States. The spacious FIAT 500L that the leader of the Catholic faith was escorted around in while he made a number of stops across the United States is expected to go on sale a local Auction in Santa Monica, California area.

Let us put aside the fact the Pope drove in this vehicle, and let us just take a moment to really understand the default value of the FIAT 500L.  The 500L which was created by the FIAT Chrysler auto group had big ambitions here in the United States, and it has proven to perform sales wise, much better than the other 500 models had in the pat. This 500L as described by Brown Daub FIAT,  “The 2016 FIAT 500L is a four door vehicle that embraces style and reliability.  The vehicle has a great deal of leg room and can fit 5 people inside.  The Trekking model continues in the model year and helps bring more ways to the table for the owner to express themselves as well as an off-road element.”

Back in September of 2015, Pope Francis had made a number of visits to the mid-Atlantic metro areas such as; Washington D.C., New York and Philadelphia. During those six days, the Pope had made his fashionable statement when he was driven around in a comfortable 500L, which FIAT Chrysler Auto had donated to him. This has raised a lot of interest in the 500L since, and now there is a great opportunity for those that would love to own a “Popemobile”, can now attempt to win one in an auction event.

All proceeds from this charity auction will go to the Archdiocese of New York to help Catholic Relief Services in the greater New York area.

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