Prepare for Storage: Choosing a Space

Written by Chloe Harwood

There are several reasons why a storage space may be necessary. Businesses may need to store extra equipment or merchandise. Personal storage solutions may be required during a move or when cleaning out a home. Self-storage locations offer various amenities to accommodate various needs. When you are considering the use of these services, it can help to prepare your items ahead of time. There are a few key things to think about, as well.


Pricing options vary for storage units in Frisco. There are often discounts when you initially move your items into the space. Many locations offer one month free to help you get started with your move or project. There may also be an offer for a free or reduced moving van rental for the day of your move-in. The items going into storage should also be considered in relation to the pricing. Some items may be worth less than the storage prices. Outdoor units without air conditioning cost less than climate controlled areas. Be sure to evaluate the items for heat resistance should you choose the outdoor option.


Many people choose the largest unit without first considering how their items can be stacked into the area. Items that are in storage can sit on top of each other with no issues since they are not in use. The space they take up at home or in the office is not indicative of their space requirements in a storage unit. Take the height of the unit into consideration when deciding on a size. You can always move to a larger one if you need to. Ask to see the inside of the unit to get a better idea of what you want to purchase. Organize smaller items in to boxes or plastic tubs to ensure the most efficient use of space.


When a move or renovation is underway, you may have an estimate of how long you may need storage services. The duration of use can easily play into the pricing. There may be discounts for a set amount of months. You may also be able to lock in a special rate. You may also need to consider the worth of your items if you are looking for long-term storage. For Example, you may have a houseful of furniture stored for two months while you move. The cost of the large amount of furniture may far exceed what you must pay to store it for a few weeks. It would not be worth the money, however, to store two pieces of furniture for an entire year.

Choosing a storage space involves a little bit of planning and organization. Take time to compare pricing and ask for move-in specials. If your intent is to use the service long-term, you may be able to receive a standard rate that won’t increase. Tour the facility to choose the right size unit, as well. The choice of an indoor or outdoor unit also affects pricing. A successful experience depends on proper preparation and an educated choice.

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