Printed Flyers: An Essential Tool For Effective Marketing

Written by Chloe Harwood

Printed Flyers: An Essential Tool For Effective Marketing

Businesses are always looking to get the optimal return on investment (ROI) when it comes to marketing. They want to be seen, heard and induce engagement with the target audience influenced by the marketing tool. Printed flyers have long been one of the key marketing tools due to its flexibility and affordability in raising brand awareness. 

Unlike any other tool, flyers create a personal relationship with customers with its tangibility factor. It also serves as a reminder of an earlier interaction regarding the product or service. Thereby, becoming an effective form of advertising. In this day and age where digital marketing rules, printed advertising too has its place in the marketing world. It is equally important for these top 5 following reasons:

Cost-effective – A Budget that works for any Business

As a business, your prioritized goal would be to make a maximum effect utilizing the given resources. Flyers are incredibly cost-effective in comparison to other marketing tools. Whether you decide to print on both sides or use just the front, they are easy to make, affordable to print and flexible with sizes. The first step is to brainstorm the idea and plan the outline of the design. This is then handed over to a designer who brings your design to life. The beauty of printed flyers depends on the print quality chosen. It allows the end-user to experience the brand message in totality. Some design and print agencies also ensure no minimum print run, therefore, saving on waste expense. Great for you and the environmentally responsible ones too!

Unrestricted access – Be seen in the Right Places 

Printed flyers can promote your business service or product wherever your target customers are. These can be conveniently used outdoors or indoors depending on your target location and customer base. For example, they can be:

  • Delivered door to door
  • Displayed at conferences or events 
  • Distributed in the store itself
  • Displayed or distributed at other local businesses that tie in with yours
  • Included as an insert in trade publications, newspapers, etc.

The opportunity list is endless. 

Go crazy creating!

Flyers are a perfect playground to bring ideas to life. Starting from design, printing till the finishing service, with printed flyers it’s easy to run a campaign. With the key message in vibrant colours and design, flyers are attractive and attention-seeking. Whether it’s a sale or an inaugural offer, your flyer must stand out with the message clear. Professionals from opine that an A4 or A5 sized flyers are best. This is because A4 or A5 sizes can be folded and used on all sides. It makes it perfect for any business while cutting down the printing costs that you may incur otherwise. 

If you don’t have a design background, you needn’t worry. Most printers provide the complete solution with an in house graphic designer who can be of help. And if you want to give a more personalized touch check out the many online templates available to fit your message. 

Tangible – Face to Face Contact

The sole reason printed flyers have an upper hand against any other marketing tool is tangibility. Printed flyers are a tangible ticket to getting your message across to your customers – literally, in their hands. If your target customer is holding onto your flyer, you know you’ve already got half your message across. This interaction helps to create a relationship with the potential customer. This is the reason why your flyer must be clear, concise and attractive for the reader to want to read. The tangibility factor also allows for the customer to revisit the flyer at a later time to review details on the flyer. 

Results can be Measured

You can make your flyers measurable by offering incentives like coupon codes, flyer codes, etc. You can also make use of a custom URL to monitor how well your marketing campaign has scored. Use the flyer as an incentive to provide discounts or freebies to a limited influx of people who quote the code. 

You can choose your Style

Printed flyers allow you to control the size and style of content. After all, if you want to catch the attention of your target customer base, you need to create something that’s catchy to the eye. With printed flyers, you can choose the paperweight or even the material you wish to print on. Not a big fan of paper? Try recycled options that give you the same high-quality finish as regular or luxury paper quality would.

Printed Flyers are the easy ready reckoner that’s effective and cheap in communicating your message to an audience. Use it in conjunction with a digital campaign and you have a winning marketing combination that’s affordable and measurable.

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