Profitable Marketing Is One Thing, But Are Your Strategies Time Efficient Too?

Written by Chloe Harwood

When building your company’s marketing strategy, the first task is to ensure those campaigns generate increased sales. This isn’t an easy challenge, and you should certainly celebrate finding a winning formula. Nonetheless, the job isn’t completed until those plans are time-efficient too. After all, time is money.

Nobody wants to mess around too much with a strategy that is working, but ignoring the room for improvement could still cost you dearly. Here are five simple tricks that will serve you well.  

  • Invest in the staff. Knowing that all employees are pulling in the same direction brings many benefits for the business, not least in marketing. The increased brand consistency enables everyone to complete jobs in a faster fashion. Moreover, the reduced likelihood of inaccuracies and the modifications can only work in your favor. Aside from saving time, it’s likely to give customers a better consumer experience too.
  • Embrace the benefits of outsourcing. Spending time and money on the design aspects is pointless if an expert graphic designer can do it on your behalf with better results. On a similar note, printing and mailing services make the logistical aspects of getting products seen far simpler. If nothing else, the knowledge that those items are best hands can make a world of difference as you won’t spend time worrying about those factors.
  • Allow your existing customers to spread the word on your behalf. This is best achieved through customer reviews and referral schemes. Even if those elements only bring a minimal impact, it’s an upgrade that requires minimal effort from you and your staff. The people promoting the company will often become more loyal customers as the business will be fresh in their minds. Above all else, the power of recommendation generates greater conversion than traditional ads.
  • Link your social media accounts. The importance of digital marketing is so vast that almost all companies now incorporate it into their ventures. But posting the same things to all your different social feeds can be an awful task, not least when providing several updates throughout the day. Ensure that blog posts are automatically posted to Facebook and Twitter. Likewise, Instagram photos should be promoted to all streams. This way you’ll reach more people without the additional effort.
  • Analyze and monitor every campaign. You won’t always hit the mark, even when you know the target market inside out. Therefore, tracking these metrics will enable you to spot the less successful ones far sooner. Whether you alter them or bin them in favor of another idea is up to you. Either way, it’ll save time and money in the long term. Crucially, it’ll ensure your marketing strategies leave a bigger impression on the clients. This can only have a positive impact on revenue.

Whatever way you look at it, time-efficient marketing is better marketing. Given that it’ll also enable you to make even greater progress, it could be the key to finally unlocking the company’s full potential.

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Chloe Harwood