Protecting Your Business From Theft, The Smart Way

Written by Chloe Harwood

Keeping your business safe from theft is one of the most important things you will need to think about besides the actual running of your business. The last thing you want after all of your hard work is for it to be broken into and to have your livelihood ruined by thieves. In this article is going to be some examples of how you can keep your business safe from theft, the smart way.

Security Alarms

Every location that your business is run from should have security alarms installed to alert you and the police if a break-in is attempted. Although the initial cost of installing them may set you back a fair amount of money, they will be worth it in the long run by protecting you and your business. Even if your business is relatively small, having the security there to protect you is totally worth it.

Did you know that a property without a security alarm is up to three times more likely to be broken into? On average, it takes a burglar less than a minute to enter a property, and most of the time they use any entrance apart from the front door. Properties that are fitted with security alarms tend to defer burglars from attempting the robbery in the first place. The good thing about security alarms, is that the police are sent out as soon as they are notified by the system. You do however, have to make sure that the alarm is enabled for it to work correctly.

Key Safe

Having a key safe installed at all locations of your business is another way of ensuring that your livelihood is safe from robbery. The risk of losing or having your keys stolen is very high, even for the most careful of us.

Another great idea with key safes that has been introduced, is that you can download an app to see if all of the keyholders have placed their keys into the key safe at the end of the day. The app will tell you when someone takes one out, and also when they replace it too. This way, if something does happen to your property and a key was missing, you might be able to find the culprit through the employee that didn’t replace the key. You can read more on the apps and systems available here

Having a key safe also means that all keys are kept securely together, instead of being dotted all over the place. This is especially useful if someone can’t make it into work because you can tell the person who is covering the key code and business can run as normal.


Getting insurance on your business and property in case of theft is another way of ensuring that even if you are burgled, you can get yourself up and running at no loss to you. You can also protect yourself from accidental fire, or anything else that may compromise your business like natural disasters, etc.

Much alike having a security system, you may feel like it’s an unnecessary expense to have on top of all of the other things that you need to pay for, but if you do get burgled you will thank yourself for taking out the insurance. Many insurance companies are able to offer a deal specifically designed for what you need to, so head over to some comparison websites to find out more.

Be Smart

Giving the impression that someone is always on site will often deter burglars from even attempting a robbery. Leaving a light on, or some music playing will give the impression that someone is there; therefore making the thief think twice.

The ideal situation for a thief is an empty property with no security alarms and easy access. Take away any chance for them to quickly slip in and out of your business location. Lock all windows at the end of each day to prevent them coming in through windows. Double check when you lock up that the doors are properly locked.

If you’re in a situation where you live at the premises your business is run from, make sure to leave a light on even when you go to sleep to give the impression that you’re awake. If you’re heading out of town, consider asking an employee or a friend to stay at your property so that it never looks completely empty.

Never leave anything on show that could entice people into even thinking about coming back to steal the item. Everything valuable should be locked away each night to make sure that even if they do get into the premises, that they will struggle to find what they were after. Buying a safe that you could store things in is a great way of knowing that your most expensive things are safer.


Not only will having security cameras help turn away thieves, it will also help the police massively in finding the suspect if you are burgled. Having security cameras will often bring down the price of insurance too. Pair that with your security alarms and your insurance quote should be fairly low.

Cameras are fairly easy to install and there is no limit on how many you could have dotted about the place. If you run a shop, for example, having cameras are a great way of creating an extra pair of eyes to ensure that no one is trying to steal from you in broad daylight either.

They’re also very useful for keeping an eye on employees too. Even though you should be employing trustworthy people to work for you, there is no guarantee that they will be loyal to you or the business. Having cameras around will make anyone considering a theft think again.

So there we have it, 5 smart ways of protecting your business from theft. Remember, using your common sense will also help keep your business safe. You can now rest assured that your livelihood will be safe.

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