What Is A Real Estate Investment Loan & What Are The Benefits?

Written by Chloe Harwood

Real estate has always made for a solid investment, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. That being said, real estate can be expensive, which can serve as quite an obstacle for some. San Francisco hard money lenders can help out people in your situation with real estate investments. But first, learn what real estate investments are and how they can help you in your goal of tapping real estate as an extra source of income.

What They Are

Simply put, getting a real estate investment loan California is essentially the same as getting a regular home loan. One thing to point out is that lenders often consider investment loans a bit riskier than regular mortgages, mainly because borrowers are often more likely to focus on their own mortgages should they run afoul of financial hardship. This means you’ll need to gather evidence that shows neither you nor your investment will become a burden to lenders. This means getting your credit score as high as possible, paying off as much of your existing debt as possible and making as much of a down payment as possible.

Advantages of Investment Loans

One of the biggest benefits of real estate loans is that you aren’t using your own money, which is always a good thing. You get to maintain your capital, which can be funneled into other ventures. Something else to think about is you’ll likely be able to score a low interest rate on an investment loan as long as you have solid credit. Hopeful borrowers are also likely to have an easy time getting approved for investment financing, which can save you a lot of the time and frustration that normally comes with waiting to know whether you’ve been approved for a standard home loan.

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