Revealed: Why Small Businesses Are Moving To Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

Written by Chloe Harwood

In a traditional office environment, businesses tend to pay for expensive phone systems. Their provider will charge per line going into the building, and for other services too.

The sad truth is even if you have just ten telephone numbers for your firm, it could be costing you a small fortune.

To cut costs, more companies are switching over to hosted VoIP solutions. But, does that mean the level of service drops too? It turns out the opposite is true! Here is why today’s tech-savvy firms are migrating to VoIP:

Hosted VoIP systems are future-proof

The thing about conventional office phone systems is they aren’t flexible. That means you can’t make a quick and easy change to your setup, such as adding or removing users.

When you use a hosted VoIP UK system in your office, any changes are simple and quick to make. It doesn’t matter if you need to add one or one hundred new users, for example. Your VoIP system is more than capable of handling the new capacity.

Pay as you grow

When you set up a new business, you will start small. Paying for a conventional phone system will eat into your startup’s cash flow. A hosted VoIP solution is a more affordable way of communicating with your customers.

To all intents and purposes, you just “pay as you grow”! Even if your firm expands at a rapid rate, you still won’t pay a fortune for your telephone needs.

You only need one physical line to your building

The beauty of VoIP systems is that they work over the Internet. That means you can have one or one million “phone lines” but you only need one physical one.

That results in lower costs for your communications bills. And that means you can spend the money you save in other areas of your business.

It’s brilliant for remote workers

Do you encourage your employees to work from home? Perhaps some workers spend their time working from remote locations or other offices?

Wherever they are, you can be sure that it’ll be easy to keep in contact with your employees. The magic of VoIP means that phone numbers can get diverted to any location.

They can also log into your phone system from a remote location, and work as if they are still in the office! It reduces the cost of mobile phone bills, for example. And, it means they don’t have to give out personal telephone numbers to your clients.

You can add extra features

VoIP telephony isn’t just about making and receiving phone calls. You can use your hosted system with other value-added services. For example, it can get used for instant messaging and video conferencing.

After all; VoIP uses the Internet, so it makes sense to take advantage of those extra features.

You can take your numbers anywhere

Last, but not least, VoIP telephone numbers are portable. It gives you the opportunity to offer clients a local number, even if you’re hundreds of miles away!

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