How To Revive A Rundown Retail Business

Written by Chloe Harwood

Retail businesses go through a lot of troublesome times these days. It seems like every other week there’s a store closing, having only just opened a few months ago. Keeping that in mind, I have some advice for any retail business owners out there right now. Here are three tips to help you revive your company:

Rethink Your Strategy

You need to start your revival by having a total rethink of your sales strategy. Clearly, something isn’t working. So, how do you get people buying your products and make a profit?

In my eyes, you have to think about your biggest rival. No, I’m not talking about the shop a few doors down, I’m talking about the internet. Online retail is such a big thing, people simply can’t be bothered to go to the shops anymore. This is what’s causing a lot of your business to dry up. So, think about a strategy where you offer things that make people leave their house and come to you. Fashion retail businesses do well because people like going to the shop to try clothes or shoes on. Then, you have retail businesses that sell really cheap items and don’t even sell their stock online because it can’t be profitable with delivery costs. Consider ideas that almost force people to come to your store rather than shop online. Another good idea is to offer discounts or loyalty cards to people that visit your store.

Improve The Image Of Your Premises

Regardless of what type of retail business you run, you will live and die by how people view your premises. If you’ve got a really old looking store that’s half crumbling to the ground, then no one is going to want to walk in there. Even things like the pavement outside your premises or your parking lot can deter people from entering.

Consequently, you really need to focus on improving the image of your premises. It’s worth investing in a renovation project that revamps everything. Consider things like concrete restoration by Tendon LLC to sort out cracks in your walls or parking lot. A fresh lick of paint will jazz up the front of your store too. Essentially, you need to give it a full makeover, so people actually feel tempted to come inside. I wrote a piece about colour psychology not long ago that might help you when painting your premises and trying to reel in more customers.

Partner With Other Companies

The main problem with a rundown retail business is your lack of foot traffic. But, this can be changed if you try and partner with other companies in your area. I see this type of move all the time, and it’s very effective.

Basically, you look around for a business partner that will benefit you and the other company. For example, I’ve seen a restaurant partner with a business that makes cakes before. They both advertise one another for free, and it helps both companies out. You need to take this idea and apply it to your business. With the help of a successful local company, you could increase foot traffic and revive your business.

This advice shows there are ways to bring your retail business out of a slump. Try them out and see your fortunes turn around.

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