Road Incidents Where You Need A Lawyer

Written by Chloe Harwood

Motor vehicle accidents can happen to even the most cautious of drivers, so it pays to be prepared if you find yourself in such a situation. Professional companies such as Motor Accident Legal Service are perfectly placed to help you step by step if you need legal advice after a crash. However, you don’t need a lawyer for every incident, so what exactly are the scenarios where you will find yourself in need of legal assistance?

You’re Injured

It’s not a pleasant thought, but injuries are a common outcome of motor vehicle accidents. The first step with this type of crash is to seek the appropriate medical attention immediately, and make sure records are kept for you as to what the damage was and what recommendations for recovery were suggested. This can include emotional health support too. Medical expenses for crash injuries can add up quickly, so hiring a personal injury lawyer to help make a compensation claim is the best way to make sure you don’t end up out of pocket – and under more stress than you already are.

Your Income Suffers

Whether due to physical or emotional trauma, having extended time off work is a choice often taken out of your hands when you’ve been in an accident. Because of this, your weekly or monthly income will suffer and you may find yourself in a position where you can’t afford basic living expenses—let alone larger costs such as mortgage repayments. Seeking advice from a lawyer is the smartest way to address this.

Your Property Has Been Damaged

If you’re covered by insurance, the damage incurred will usually be covered. But if you’re not, and you weren’t the driver at fault, you are then relying on this other party to compensate you. But what if they are refusing to pay? A lawyer will be able to organise a ‘Letter of Demand’ to be sent to the person at fault. From here, they will be able to assist in recovering the repair costs or the value of your vehicle if it’s been written off.

You’ve Incurred Additional Expenses

The most common additional expenses drivers will have to pay as a result of an accident are towards a hire car or public transport. If you were left without a car for an extended period of time, and need it to earn an income or get you to work, a lawyer might be able to help you make a claim for the recovery of these costs.

For most people, driving becomes almost second nature as the years roll on. The downside of this is that many drivers will switch to autopilot, putting themselves and others at risk of being involved in an accident. Always remember to keep your eyes on the road, practise caution when in challenging conditions, and have a plan in place if disaster strikes.

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