Savvy Women Buy Their Swimsuits Online

Written by Chloe Harwood

A plus size woman shopping for swimsuits is likely to come home empty-handed and frustrated after a trip to the local mall — especially during the fall months when the summer stock has been boxed away. Brick and mortar stores often carry just a few basic styles in colors that are flattering to only one or two skin tones. Historically, designers have created plus size clothing that is baggy and misshapen, leaving many women top wonder, Where are the suits with trendy plus size swagger? Where is the contemporary color palate? Where will a plus size woman find a suit that reflects her style and personality?

Regardless of age or shape, women everywhere want to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. Fortunately, the fashion industry is changing, and the acceptance of many body types is one of the positive outcomes. Model Ashley Graham is a great example of a plus size success story in the fashion world. She began her modeling career filled with self-doubt, and she received considerable negative feedback from early critics, but she has grown to accept and even flaunt her curves as healthy and beautiful. She exudes self-confidence, modeling a cover photo for theSports Illustrated swimsuit Issue, and creating her own line of plus size swimwear, which is for sale at

In recent years, online retailers have been jumping at the opportunity to provide sexy and fashionable women’s plus size swimwear, while department stores lag sadly behind. Because online retailers don’t face the same hurdles of overhead and store space, they can offer more styles that cover a wider array of tastes — contemporary styles that show off curves and accent waistlines. High-waisted bikinis and ruched swim dresses are a few of the styles most flattering to plus size women, while sporty, halter-back tankinis are a youthful and fun style that offers coverage and comfort. Patterns range from delicate florals in classic colors to vibrant abstract prints. With so many options in style, color, and print, a plus size woman can find a swimsuit that reflects her personality and makes her feel amazing. A plus size shopper can find many styles online including:

  • Colourful one-pieces
  • Retro waist-high bikinis
  • Skirtinis, monokinis, and tankinis
  • Sexy swimdresses
  • And more!

While customers may be excited to shop at online stores with better selection, the obvious barrier is fit and returns. Online retailers are sensitive to this issue, and work hard to assuage these doubts. Sites like swimsuitsforall have developed a smooth return policy. They include a pre-paid return slip with each suit shipped out, and should you return your item, they initiate an electronic gift card within 3 days of receipt. Their swimsuits include customer ratings, so that prospective buyers can see real feedback on how the item fits a particular body type, and their photo gallery includes real plus size women wearing their styles. With a huge selection and generous return policy, an online swimsuit store can help the savvy woman find a suit with plus size swagger.

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