Secret Marketing Techniques Big Businesses Don’t Want You To Know

Written by Chloe Harwood

When you begin in business one of the first things, you will notice is how competitive it is. Everyone is fighting for a piece of the action. They all want to be successful even if it means that some bigger companies monopolize the market. Companies should encourage competition. It means that the big dogs have to stay at the top of their game, and the underdogs have a good chance to rise to the top. However some businesses love the control they have over the population. A weak competition is why we have too big to fail companies like Apple, Disney and Sony. Are they the best they can be? Not always. Is there anyone that can beat them? Not right now. Bigger businesses know that a company’s success is based entirely on marketing. If you take this advice, you can beat them at their own game.

Helping Hands

If you look at most big businesses they now all have origin stories. They have films, tv shows and books about where they came from and how they made their millions. This usually portrays them as one individual with a heart of gold out to seize the American dream. It a beautiful idea but highly romanticized. Companies love to rewrite history until the truth is revealed. There is nothing wrong with businesses asking other companies for help. It happens all the time. Watching movies, you may notice there is a certain brand of car that appear more than others. This is because BMW or Mercedes have paid for advertising costs.

It can be simpler than that. Marketing can be expensive. You can tackle this by sharing the cost. Another smaller company may need marketing as well and if your product or service is related you can join together.

Free Marketing

Or, you could always skip marketing costs all together. Free marketing makes your company more competitive. You can use the funds on other things such as expanding your labor force. How does it work? You can use social media to advertise your company and expand the interest in your products. You can also use search engine optimization to ensure that your website is seen by the biggest market possible.

If you do not how there are companies online that can help you out. Websites like will optimize your website using techniques and tools of the trade. We still consider this free marketing. You will soon make back what you pay in profit.

Purely Online

Many companies now operate purely online. Business wise, there is very little you cannot do if you have an internet connection. We have mentioned using social networks to attract more customers. You can go further. Set up a Twitter account and follow important industry accounts. Tweet about the news in your industry to gain some followers. Then tease your own business announcement with a link to your website. After it has been optimized you can start using your website as ad space. Give customers what they want to see and keep them coming back for more.

There you have. With these lessons learned you will certainly become more competitive in the worldwide market.

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