The Secret Of Small Coffee Shops That Are Full Of Beans

Written by Chloe Harwood

In a world where Starbucks seems to have become synonymous with coffee on the go, it can seem odd to think that they are still independent coffee shops that not only survive alongside large chains but that are also very successful. Do these guys have some magical wand — or beans — that nobody else knows about? After all, Starbucks, McCafé and Dunn Bros _ and all the other large coffee chains — represent a vast part of the coffee market. So how come an independent shop can still manage to attract customers? The answer is simple: Because a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte lover is not the same customer than the coffee lover who trusts an independent shop with his or her favorite brew. One of them is a true connoisseur. The other is a trendy fashionista who goes with the flow. Independent coffee shops are a paradise for connoisseurs, and they know exactly how to make the most of their quality brew!

Prioritize your online marketing

There’s no denying it: Owning an independent shop is a difficult business. You need to make a name for yourself in a world that is populated by known brands — and most of them are probably only a few streets away! So the best way to do so is to take on social media to build up a solid presence. The most active social media platform for independent coffee shops at the moment is Instagram. In a previous article on you’ll find a few tips on how to grow your Instagram profile. As with every social media, the key element is your content. Thankfully as an independent coffee shop, you’ve got loads to boast about, starting from your coffee machines to your brew of the house. Naturally, you will need to spend money to launch effective marketing campaigns online, but your marketing investment is wasted without quality content. So, polish that coffee machine for a dream shot!

Give your customers the service they expect

Just because you’re independent doesn’t mean that you should live in the past. Your customers expect a quality of service that is similar — if not superior — to known chains. In other words, an independent coffee shop needs to keep its barista team on point and ensure that the latest payment methods are accepted. If you’re worried about the costs of Apple Pay or contactless payments, check out the reviews to find out more. As a rule of the thumb, customers will expect, as a minimum, to be able to pay by cash, card, and phone. They’d also expect a form of loyalty program to encourage them to come back.

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Independent shops are expected to support organic products and health values. Your customers want you to care about your product sourcing, the quality of the beverages and to work towards improving the way the American society considers coffee. From informative signs in your shop about specific coffee bean plantations to a vast menu of quality drinks, you need to wow connoisseurs with your knowledge of coffee.

Like with most things, the secret of success for independent coffee shops is a mixture of providing the same level of customer services than chains while offering a brew of a superior quality. To attract a connoisseur, you need to show off your skills and knowledge online and in the shop.

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