Shopping Your First Vape Pen: Use These Suggestions

Written by Chloe Harwood

The word ‘vape’ was named as ‘the word of the year 2014’ by Oxford. Though everyone knows what vaping is, buying a vape device can be confusing at times. Especially, if you are going to buy your first vape pen. Since there are hundreds of vape pen brands, how do you choose the right one? Maybe knowing your device better can help you make the right decision. After all, knowledge is always beneficial.

So, here are a few suggestions that might help you shopping your first vape pen:

Convection Or Conduction?

Vape pens make use of two types of technologies- convection and conduction. While convection uses a dynamic medium such as air to heat your herbs, a conduction vape pen uses direct contact heating. The type of technology you choose can decide the flavours and the hit that you experience. Usually, convection type vape pens are considered better as they do not produce burnt flavours. Some convection vape pens also feature assisted draw to produce dense and smooth vapour clouds. Especially the ones that are used for vaping dry herbs.

Purpose Of Utility

The purpose of your use also makes a difference. If you are looking for a recreational utility tool, then convection type may be the best ones. But, if you wish to be using your vape pen for vaping concentrates and isolates, then conduction vape pens can be a better choice. Whether you vape marijuana, tobacco, or isolated derivatives make sure your vape pen is compatible with your stuff. For example, conduction vape pens can burn your high-quality cannabis flowers. That is why conduction vape pens are usually not prefered for vaping weed and marijuana.

Do You Need Accessories As Well?

A typical vape pen consists of three parts, namely- the battery, the heater, and the mouthpiece. Other than these, they also feature some upgrades such as air assist, percolators, and many more. For more info, you can search the internet to know exactly the types of accessories compatible with your device. These accessories can further enhance your vaping experience. And your first experience with vaping is all that’s important. It is noteworthy when looking for a vape pen to use with dry herbs, a pocket-sized vape mod can offer you quick vaping sessions discreetly.

Decide On A Budget

Of course, choosing the one that offers better performance and more features is important. But, ensuring it fits your budget is also important. As the features improve, the prices also take a hike. For example, vaping pens with high power batteries are usually more expensive. Other than that, you should also ensure that the one you buy is from a reputed seller only. Or else you may end up buying a cheap product that land up deep in wardrobe or closets and never come out.

Buying your first vape pen can be a bit overwhelming to think of. After all, it’s going to be your first experience with vaping. A lot of people repent their buying decision because they end up buying the wrong product. Hopefully, these suggestions can help you buy the right vape pen.

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