How To Show Your Workforce They Are Appreciated

Written by Chloe Harwood

We all need an incentive for going to work, as life is too short to spend our days toiling away for salary alone. It is important we feel valued for the work we do, being recognized by others, and knowing we have made a positive impact in the company we work within.

As an employer, you need to find ways to appreciate your employees. They aren’t faceless drones coming into work every day as a means to an end for your business. Your team are human beings who need to feel your support and respect, given credit for the work they have done. Otherwise, they will become unmotivated and are likely to move onto a different employer to find greater job satisfaction.

Here are several ways you can help your employees feel appreciated.

Use your words

Quite simply, saying ‘thank you’ and offering words of praise is going to give your employee a boost to their day. The spoken word costs nothing and is an effective way of showing appreciation. However, be sparing with your words. They will lose their value when you praise every single thing your employee does. Instead, be specific in what you say, letting your team member know exactly why you are pleased with them.

Offer rewards

Many businesses use ‘employee of the month’ awards as a way to encourage healthy competition and give team members the incentive to work harder. Positive reinforcement is always better than something negative and can boost your team’s morale rather than knock them down. A monthly incentive can be a bit of fun rather than something serious, allowing a team member to take home a trophy each month, or giving them an extra day off every so often.

Another effective way to reward your employees is to hold a formal awards ceremony. Check here for different types of corporate awards which can be given to employees for specific reasons, such as ‘best sales.’ Being recognized for specific skills and achievements will garner a sense of pride, especially if their peers have also had a say in who gets the award.

Away days

Team building activities are a great way to help your team find new ways of working with each others. However, a team can grow and feel appreciate when given the opportunity to socialise in a more informal setting,such as going for a walk in the country or attending a concert out of town. Being together is going to provoke a sense of camaraderie and bring the team closer together, without the need for strenuous activity and blindfolded trust games.

Give them a voice

You don’t have to make all the decisions within the company. As a good leader, you need to let each team member have a say in how to make the workplace and business better. Your team may have some brilliant ideas that you have never thought of, and having those ideas implemented will give individuals a greater sense of belonging in the company they work within.

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