Simple Steps To Make The Office More Appealing To Work In

Written by Chloe Harwood

Ever since Google and Facebook appeared on the market, there is desperation to make the workplace more fun. But for good reason. It might not turn you into a billion dollar company, but it will improve your productivity. Plus, it is good for your employees, and, would huge conglomerates do it for no reason?

It is a no brainer, so here are a few ways to implement the strategy.

Tidy Up

Not everyone is a clean freak and immaculately tidy. But, no one should be a slob at work. Just looking at a pile of disorganised mess is enough to make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. It certainly isn’t conducive to a welcoming workspace. To make your employees feel more at home, have a team tidy up, so everything is sparkling clean and in its place.

Some offices go further and have a ban on paper so there is no way that pieces of scrap can make a clutter.

Play Music

It shouldn’t be as loud as a concert and headbanging; it should be a quiet drone in the background that relaxes the office. Music is a great mood setter, and the right piece of music will set the perfect tone for the office all day long. It is only a small change, but it will make a huge difference to the appeal of the office and the employees won’t even notice.

Fix The Lighting

Certain types and styles of light have different effects on the brain. Some are overwhelming and make you feel anxious, while others are softer and make you relax. Get in touch with commercial lighting contractors and get them to fit the softest lights possible. They give off a relaxing tone, just like music, and make people feel as if they are not in work at all. That is the beauty of lighting; it makes people think they are more comfortable than they are.

Add Air Fresheners

The smell is one of the first things you notice. Let’s face it; there is nothing less appealing than a bad smell. It completely puts people off the place as soon as they walk in the door. Offices have the potential to accommodate hundreds of people, so smells are inevitable. Eradicate the bad smells, however, by adding air fresheners in strategic positions to make the office smell good 24/7.

Get Decent Chairs

It makes sense that if someone is spending eight hours a day on their bums, they should at least be comfortable. It is a small, almost insignificant gesture, but it makes a massive difference. It isn’t just sore bums; it is sore back as well. A decent chair should have support for the back as well as the rest of the body and make sitting down all day appealing, not a chore.

Regulate The Temperature

Just like the Three Bears’ porridge, the office should be too hot or too cold; it needs to be just right. No one wants to work in the equivalent of a sauna or a freezer, so regulate the office to room temperature and everyone will be comfortable.

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