Simple Tactics For Simplifying Your Business

Written by Chloe Harwood

When you pare back running a business to its parts, what you are left with is remarkably simple. You have a product or service, and you sell it to other people for money. It’s just all the other stuff that gets in the way.

And, essential as all your marketing, human resource management, and communications actually are, it’s reasonable to suggest that the vast majority of businesses make a meal of it. Many companies – particularly in the startup and small business sectors – could do with a simpler way of working than they do right now, to stop wasting time and, ultimately, money.

In this guide, we’re going to reveal some quick and easy is that you can use to streamline your operations and simplify your business. Try some of them out, and you will wonder what you have been doing for all this time. Let’s get started right away with one of the biggest time consumers in any industry – lack of organization.

Improve your organizational skills

Many small business owners struggle with organization, primarily because they have a habit of jumping from one task to the next in no discernible order. It’s no surprise that this happens on a regular basis, to be honest, as small business owners have a lot to do. And they also tend to do it all themselves. To become more organized, it’s vital to start embracing prioritizing a little more wholeheartedly. If you can prioritize your tasks and put your energy into completing those that impact your short term goals, you will find that life is a lot easier for you as a business owner.

Hold meetings less frequently

Meetings are one of the biggest productivity killers in almost every company in the world, whether big or small. Sure, it’s vital to have meetings to connect the dots about the day-to-day targets and achievements of your company, but less is more in most environments. Only ever invite staff members who have relevance to the meeting, and ensure that you speed through proceedings in the right order. Obviously, preparing meeting plans is critical but will cost you some time to arrange it. However, that time will be more than made up for with shorter, tighter meetings that actually get the point.

Start delegating

T can be tough for small business owners to delegate anything. And it’s not much of a surprise. After all, as the proprietor of a small business, you have built everything yourself. And relinquishing control of critical tasks can often seem like a bad idea, as you will feel things are happening that you can’t control. But trust us – it will help your business simplify in more ways than one. Taking a top-down approach to your company will help you get a better overview of the business than you would get while in the trenches. As long as you hire the right people to head up teams -people you can trust – delegation will improve your business performance and make everything a lot easier – not just for you, but for your staff, too.

Automate tasks

There is a lot of automation software and services out there these days, and while not all of them will help your particular business model, there really is something for everyone. Take your invoicing for example – how long do you spend creating, sending, and chasing up your accounts payable? As pointed out at, you can achieve touchless invoicing on over 80 percent of all your invoices if you use the right system. Now, imagine that y9u are automating all kinds of other processes in your business. If you could achieve even half of all that saved time in other areas, you will have room for 40 percent more productivity, and have a much easier, simpler business to run.

Stop using paper

Still use an antiquated paper filing system? If so, it’s probably time to upgrade. Companies of all sizes used to spend hours tracking down a single document in years gone by, but these days there is no need whatsoever to go through all this pain. Instead, go paperless and use cloud-based systems to store files electronically, They are easy to access, quick, and you will be saving the planet at the same time.

Create templates for everything

Once you’ve established a great way of working, why not template it? If people have a simple idea and plan to follow, there will be far less room for misinterpretation and mistakes that slow down your productivity. As point out, small business owners are often juggling many different balls, and simplifying all processes will help you remove one huge problem that constantly needs attention. In short, using templates frees up time, leaves less room for mistakes, and encourage people to crack on – not to mention simplifying whole parts of your business dealings.

Start outsourcing

When you are wearing many different hats a small business owner, it can be tempting to get involved with everything. But this is sheer over complication, and you will be much better off getting outside help and buying in expertise. Outsourcing can remove many challenging activities in your business that are a complete waste of time, and put you under a lot of pressure,. It makes sense to hand over the reins if these types of task are stopping you from making money, or meeting new prospects.

Find time to relax

Running a business can be stressful, but if you don’t address those stresses and strains, you will end up doing yourself – and your business – a lot of damage. Make sure that you have some time for yourself every now and again, to help you take a step outside the field of play. Doing so will help you look at your company with fresh eyes, reduce your stress levels, and give your brain a good clear out from all the pressure.

Can you thin of any other ways to simplify your business? Let us know in the comments section below.

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