Simple Tips To Avoid A Holiday From Hell

Written by Chloe Harwood

Holidays are the perfect tonic for a year that has been hard work to say the least. In fact, add a little gin to that tonic and you have the perfect getaway for a couple of weeks! Still, holidays so not always go to plan and sometimes they can be a nightmare. You never when and where they are going to strike, but the holiday from hell is around the corner if you don’t plan properly.


Money is never far away when you are home. If you run out of cash, you can pop to the ATM and draw out some more. You can do that abroad, but it is never as easy. Some places might not have cash points that work with your card, so you need another source of money. Take traveller’s checks and as much currency as you can to make sure you never run out of cash.


Do not take anything for granted when you leave home, even for a couple of weeks. Many places in the world do not have the same laws and freedoms that we have at home. Religious countries, in particular, can be strict and kissing in public is not just frowned upon. It is illegal and carries a prison sentence. Take a look at the laws of the country you are visiting and prepare yourself to adapt to your environment.


You’re only going away for a week or two. Do you need travel insurance? Yes! You should have travel insurance whenever you leave the country because anything can happen. It might not be statistically likely, but the improbable has been known to occur to a lot of travellers. Unless you can visit a London Travel Clinic for free and not have to worry about the bill, insurance can be a lifesaver.


Going overboard is inevitable. It is your holiday after all, and you want to enjoy yourself. There is nothing wrong with a few alcoholic beverages, as long as you keep yourself hydrated during the day. If you are not used to the sun, it can cause serious issues for your body. No one wants to spend their vacation in their hotel room just because they didn’t drink enough fluids. Sorry, the right fluids!


If you don’t know already, location is essential! It can be the difference between a great vacation and a terrible one. Do a bit of research and check out the security and ease of the area you are staying in. The perfect location is far enough out the way to be quiet, but close enough that you can get into town without any hassle.


Family holidays are hectic, and kids are non-stop, which is not a good mix. In busy towns and cities, keep an eye on your family at all times. It can only take a second, and you can lose them in the crowd. Make sure everyone understands the importance of keeping close to one another.

With these tips, your next holiday should be the amazing experience that you dream about.

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