Simple Ways to Retain More Customers

Written by Chloe Harwood

It’s not possible to succeed in the world of business unless you can retain the customers you have. If no one is coming back to buy from the company a second time, those sales figures will plummet. Here are some things you can do to retain more customers.

End All Interactions Positively

Whenever you come into contact with a customer, no matter what the situation is, you should always make sure that the interactions end well. If you leave it on a sour note or an issue that the customer has is not resolve, you could lose that customer forever. Losing a customer means losing revenue, so it’s definitely worth making sure that you are polite and helpful at all times. This is something that you obviously can’t do by yourself though. It has to be done in partnership with your whole workforce. Give them the training they need to conduct customer interactions correctly and helpfully.

Ask for Feedback

If you have done something wrong that has annoyed your customers, you can only find out if you ask them. Sure, some people decide to complain directly to you. But most people will stay quiet and simply not come back again. That’s why it’s so important to ask for their feedback and find out what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. When you get the feedback, take note of the positive. But focus even more on the things that people highlight as negatives. You can’t afford to ignore or dismiss the legitimate criticisms that people have with regards to your business. That will lead to disaster for your business.

Get the Right Support

Business owners that try to control everything and take responsibility for everything that goes on in the office. You need to have the right support if you want your business to do what it does well and retain as many customers as possible. Customer retention is about being on the ball at all times and making sure that your customers are always happy. This can only do if you have the time and team to get all the necessary work done properly. This is why outsourcing some of your tasks to external companies might be a smart move. You can trust a company like YJT Solutions to look after your IT needs, for example. Boring tasks like data entry can also be outsourced pretty cheaply.

Tempt Them Back with Discounts

When a customer has bought from you a while ago but hasn’t come back for a long time, it can be a little worrying. You start to wonder why they stopped coming back. But the most common reason for customers not coming back is that they’ve forgotten about you. A great way to jog their memory is to tempt them back with something persuasive like a discount. You could send them an email reminding them that they haven’t visited your website for a while and offer them a count that provides 10% of their next buy. It’s a relatively simple technique for retaining customers, but it really works. Everyone likes to get some money off the things they buy.

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