Slash Your Business Costs, Bolster Your Profits

Written by Chloe Harwood

Success in business is largely defined by the profit that you make. The profit you make is what revenue your business brings in, minus what it costs you to run it. Therefore it follows that the lower your business costs are, the higher your profit will be. Now you know this, read on to find out how to slash the costs associated with running your business and get that profit looking as healthy as possible.


Salaries can be one of the largest business costs you have to face, depending on the field that you are specialising in. The thing is, no one actually wants to slash these because it makes them super unpopular. It also makes retaining staff and keeping motivation up pretty hard work too, so instead look at providing alternative benefits that don’t cost so much in cash to your business.

For example, instead of offering the highest salary to be competitive in the recruitment market you may choose to provide an excellent benefits package instead. One that includes increased holiday time for long-standing service, as well as gym memberships and private medical insurance. Both things that you can buy on a company-wide basis and so save money on.


Next, consider reducing your business costs by looking at your insurance policies and the stipulation they contain. The reason for this is that you can often lower your monthly payments by a significant amount if you meet certain requirements. These include such requests as installing more CCTV cameras in high-risk areas or increase the warning signage for locations in which dangerous tasks are carried out.


Don’t forget either that businesses often pay out a lot in the form of bills for the utilities that they use in their buildings and factories such as water, gas, and electric. To help reduce these costs, first ensure that you compare prices of each provider before signing up.

Also get someone in your employ to haggle them down, after all, you are a commercial company and so will be using a fair bit of their product. Something that often means they are happy to give you a discount.

Remember too that you can do your part on your premises to keep the utility costs down. In particular, you can save money in your business by using heat tracing on your pipes, as this stops heat being lost unnecessarily. Something that can significantly reduce the cost of electricity, and make it way or economical to heat a large space for a long period.


Lastly, to truly slash the cost out your business you need to achieve a favourable relationship with your suppliers. This means you need to put someone that is good at negotiation in the post that deals with them. The aim is to drive the cost of materials you need to do business down, without endangering the quality or integrity of the supply chain altogether. Something that isn’t always easy to do, but can make a massive difference in bolstering your profits when it comes to the bottom line.

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