Start Making Your Business More Secure with These Top Tips

Written by Chloe Harwood

Business security is a vital thing to think about, no matter what sort of business you run. If you have premises that your employees work from or where you keep stock, you need to think about how to keep them secure. Although companies need to think about cyber security too, physical break-ins are still a risk. If you want to keep your building, stock and staff safe, you have to pay attention to improving the security of your business. From the doors and windows to surveillance, try some of these methods to tighten up security for your company.

Secure the Perimeter

When you’re thinking about where and how to secure your premises, you can start with the perimeter of your land. If you have space surrounding your buildings, you might want to stop people getting into the compound. In this case, you’ll need a fence or wall, and, of course, secure gates so that people can get in or out. If you use a service similar to Fencemakers fencing contractors, you can ensure that you get the right fence and gates to control entry to your business. You can use scannable IDs, sign-in books, and staff to monitor people going in and out.

Check Building Exteriors

Once the perimeter is secure, you can look at the exterior of your buildings. Checking the doors and windows to ensure that no one can get in is the first thing you should do. If you need to repair or replace any, you could consider using security doors or windows to make them even safer than before. Another excellent way to prevent people getting into your building is to use security lights. They can either be on all the time or use motion sensors to switch on when someone comes close.

Put in an Alarm System

Of course, a system to warn you of any possible break-ins is useful too. You need to have several methods of keeping people away and catching anyone who manages to get in. You can install a sophisticated alarm system that can warn you or a security company if the alarm activates. Some systems will send a message to your phone, and you can also use your smartphone to control it from afar. You may even have the option to view a feed from a camera on the premises.


CCTV can be a good idea for many businesses too. In the event of anything happening, it will help you identify the culprit. But it will also discourage any potential intruders or thieves. Another option is to have a guard or security personnel on the premises, who can patrol or watch video feeds. Remember that it’s also important to keep an eye on those who have permission to enter the premises, not just people who try and break in.

Spending money on tightening up your security could save you cash in the long-run. Don’t neglect it and risk losing stock or supplies due to burglary. Invest in securing the building and you’ll see the benefits of it.

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