Stepping Back in Time in Seaside, Florida

Written by Chloe Harwood

For many, the winter months are spent working and dreaming of a respite from long weeks filled with the demands of everyday life. From hours in the office to wedging time for piano lessons and soccer games into an already packed schedule, the vision of spending relaxed, carefree time together as a family can seem like an elusive dream. However, there is a peaceful seaside community waiting to welcome you and your family. In Seaside, FL, neighbors mix at area restaurants and enjoy the many local activities where no one is a stranger.

Seaside is a wholly walkable community. Park your vehicle and enjoy strolls through the local community. With bookstores, art galleries and cafes, errands become an enjoyable walk in the abundant Florida sunshine. The town enjoys a long stretch of white sandy beaches where the family can enjoy the ocean and time together.

The homes in the community, while modern, all recall the architecture of idyllic times gone by. Each home’s front porch is surrounded by a xeriscaped front yard filled with local plants, creating areas bursting with lush greenery and tropical blooms. While the architecture is diverse, all of the homes present a cohesive quaint feeling. You will feel that you have left the bustling world behind and stepped into a world where time has slowed. Seaside is a town where time is to be savored and enjoyed.

The architecture of the community and the planning design is a unique feature of this area. When Robert Davis inherited the land from his grandfather in 1978, he wanted to develop an area that revitalized the notion of true community that seemingly had been lost in urban America. The result is a town where it is easier to walk than drive. A town where outdoor spaces are community gathering spots and front porches are for enjoying friends and neighbors. With only about 300 homes, Seaside has developed into a vibrant area that is distinct in the United States. The community represents the New Urbanism movement of urban planning. The movement promoted walkable communities that embrace environmentally friendly concepts with a mix of housing options.

Seaside, FL, also boasts a number of restaurants to select from. From local seafood and seaside fare, experience the finest in culinary offerings in a relaxed environment while enjoying views of the beautiful ocean. Perhaps you are looking to relax with a glass of wine while chatting with new friends. In Seaside, these opportunities are at your fingertips. Afterwards, take the kids out for ice cream and perhaps enjoy a movie in the town square. Whether you are looking for new experience or a lazy afternoon just enjoying life, this community never disappoints.

To enjoy the benefits of a stay in Seaside, look past the confining rooms offered by hotels and motels. In fact, there aren’t any motels or hotels in this town. For a true holiday with the family, rent one of the area homes so that you are your family can create new memories together. The Homeowners Collection is a collective that represents vacation rentals in Seaside. From two-bedroom cottages to larger homes, there is space for everyone to relax and enjoy their vacation. Regardless of the home you rent, the beach, restaurants, and shops are all a 5-minute walk away. You’ll ease into the easy pace of beach living with many amenities at your fingertips. Take a stroll down the beach in the morning, then have some coffee and breakfast while enjoying the ocean view. Or perhaps enjoy a swim while the kids play on the beach then head to a leisurely lunch at one of the area restaurants. This is everyday life in Seaside, FL.

Your vacation home will have everything you need for your stay. In the fully equipped kitchen, you’ll be able to prepare family meals on cozy nights spent together. You’ll have the privacy of a home without the burden of necessities like linens. These are the advantages of renting a vacation home. During the time that you stay there, you’ll live exactly like a local.

Take some time away with your family to be a local in Seaside, FL. As you stroll the streets of this community, you’ll relish each peaceful moment by the water. With friendly locals and community gatherings, you’ll make new friends and reconnect with loved ones. In Seaside, FL, it is truly like stepping back in time.

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