Store Conversions Dropping? Try These Ideas To Make More Sales

Written by Chloe Harwood

Want to give a boost to your physical store sales? There are some simple tips that you can use to encourage visitors to your store to spend that little bit more. It doesn’t have to be a lot – but over a year’s trading those small figures will soon add up to a healthier bottom line. So, if you think your figures could do with a lift, read on to find out what you can do.

Drop everything to serve customers

How many times have you been in a busy store with lots of people waiting to pay while staff members fill up shelves? A lot of shops are guilty of this – and in our view it’s criminal. Not only will it be more likely that people will put down what they were going to buy and leave, but they will also think twice about returning. Serving customers has to be the most important thing that you do, and it takes precedence over everything. The quicker you get that money through the tills, the more customers you can serve – and the more profit you can make.

Promote added value

Let’s say you sell games consoles. A dad comes in and wants to buy a PlayStation for his kid, but doesn’t know much about games and doesn’t realise he needs to buy them on top of the console purchase. That’s an ideal opportunity to give a customer added value. When that man gets home and gives his son a console that he can’t play, he’s not going to be happy. So, by offering him some extra games to go with the console as part of a bundle, you’ll not only be boosting your takings, but also making the customer happy.

Install an ATM

Although many people use cards to pay for everything, not everybody does. And, when a potential customer doesn’t have the cash to hand and want to make an impulse buy, they could lose that desire when they head out to a cashpoint to make a withdrawal. Investigate some ATM machines for business to make sure that you reduce those cool-off periods. You might be surprised with the amount of extra sales that you make.

Make a better rota

Stores live and die by their rotas, and so many companies are guilty of poor planning when it comes to the busiest times of day. If you are in a central location, that time is likely to be around lunch. People take a break and go for a browse, but when they decide they want something, there is limited staff around. Why? Because they are all on their lunch breaks, too! Make sure that your store is properly manned for those busy periods, and you will see your conversion rates shoot up.

Incentivise staff

Successful stores all have one thing in common – the staff that work there are incentivized to make more sales. Bonuses for beating targets are a logical thing to implement, and you can also reward the entire team for getting through the quarter if they exceed the expected results. Promote the group over the individual, and you will find that they work better together along the customer’s buying processes. The result? More money through the registers and another healthy boost to your profits.

Best of luck with making more conversions! Here are some more tips to boost sales if you are still struggling.

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