Are You A Stressed Entrepreneur? Here’s How To Stop!

Written by Chloe Harwood

Being an entrepreneur means a lot of stress and pressure, as all eyes are on you, and big mistakes are inevitably going to be made at some point. While this may sound like a negative mindset, it’s more about the fact that you need to be prepared for a mental and emotional onslaught. Put simply, stress is par for the course when you’re an entrepreneur, so it’s crucial for you, right off the bat, to know how to address this. How can you tackle the concept of entrepreneurial stress internally, but also in your business?

Outsourcing Difficult Tasks

If you’ve got pressure upon pressure, there will be a point when you are unable to cope. If you’ve got a limited in-house team, it essential for you to start thinking about the more difficult tasks you can benefit from outsourcing. Technology is one of those things that can benefit from outsourcing, because it’s an industry that is constantly chopping and changing, and if you haven’t got the resources in which to keep ahead of this curve, you may find yourself unguarded against an attack. This is why managed IT companies like Kosh Solutions could benefit your company. By hiring experts outside of your professional remit, not only can they reduce the stress your company is under, but as a result, you will feel the benefits.

Weighing The Balance

In other words, the work-life balance. Do you spend more time working on the business than your partners do? If so, are there other parts of your life that are feeling the pinch? You don’t have to spend 70 hours a week in the office, but you feel like you do. When we all look back on our lives, we would never wish we worked more hours. Consider what is missing in your life, and begin to weigh out the balance.

Take A Break

Have you been working flat out for 6 months? If so, is it because you’re concerned that the business would collapse without your input? It’s time to take a step back and hand over the reins to someone else. Delegation is a vital component, and it’s something that many entrepreneurs are loathe to relinquish. Give yourself some well earned time off, take a vacation. And by going away, far, far away, the temptation to just call into the office won’t be there.

Look At Your Health

You might argue that some stress is good, and it is. But feeling this stress constantly is going to end up in a compromised immune system, or worse… Consider your health, and make sure that you keep on top of it, by going for a health check-up at least once a year. And look at how you feel in yourself, are you eating right? But also, is it beneficial to start learning how to calm your mind? Meditation is something many entrepreneurs do because it gives them that balance when they feel that life is spiralling out of control. You may think it’s something only “hippies” do, but the health benefits have been long touted.

Feeling the stress is part of the course, but you shouldn’t let it impact your life.

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