Sudden Surge In Work-Related Injury Claims

Written by Chloe Harwood

Recent figures show that there has been a sudden surge in work-related injury claims across the country. Over the last few years, there have been more and more claims in both the US and the UK. While the number of cases has always been growing, it was not until recently that they shot up. In what experts believe to be a new phase of the sector, it seems that the field is booming. There are now more people lodging serious complaints against their bosses than ever.

In 2014, there was more than a million reported cases of work-related illnesses and accidents. That in itself is an astonishing number, given that a large amount of people fail to report their illnesses at all. According to UK national statistics, the net cost of this issue in that year was around £14 billion. It is plain to see that the personal claims sector is one which will keep expanding in coming years. Nobody expected this sudden change, though, which seems to be continuing this year.

Why has there been a sudden surge in this area?

This question is one which many experts have tried and failed to answer. The fact of the matter is that nobody knew the area would see such a surge. Many experts have theorized that people now know more about their rights than they once did. With more and more people educating themselves when it comes to work related law, it is no wonder more people would claim. In previous years, people may have found the notion of claiming against their employer worrying. Now, with new legislation, it is a viable option for many employees who feel that they have the right grounds for a case.

What compensation can people expect?

The level of compensation that people get depends entirely on their individual circumstances. Experts from companies, such as Mark Reynolds can give people advice on this issue. There are a great many variables that help to determine how much money someone can seek by way of damages. Of course, the client will have to prove that their boss is culpable for their injury. Only then, will they get the right level of compensation. It is crucial that anyone who believes they have a case contacts a lawyer as soon as possible. Many cases are time sensitive, which means that they need to address them as soon as they can.

Who is responsible for accidents at work?

Every employer has a duty to make sure that they look after the well-being of their employees. So, much of the time, if there is an accident on the premises, it is the boss who is culpable for it. That means that they might have to face legal action if they refuse to pay the right amount of compensation. Employers should ensure that they have business insurance so that they can cover the cost of any court fees.

What safety precautions should bosses take?

Employers should protect themselves by providing a safe working environment for their workers. That means that they must adhere to particular health and safety requirements. There is a wealth of information online, which might be useful. Now and then, a health expert will have to come to the place of work to check whether everything is above board. That way, bosses can be sure that their premises are safe for the people who work there. The current surge in claims should serve as a warning to business owners. Getting insurance and also protecting their workplace is vital. With more people becoming aware of their work rights, it makes sense that the level of personal claims will keep on rising.

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