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Written by Chloe Harwood

The world these days is very tech orientated. Without tech in your business model, you are going to be at a significant disadvantage compared to other companies on the market. Tech helps you keep things efficient, ensures that you can stay in complete contact with your customers and clients. As well as this, the tech will open new avenues of profitability for your business. But what tech is worth investing in for your business? And what new innovative advances in this area of development could provide fantastic opportunities for your company. We have a few ideas for tech that could be your golden ticket on the market.

Up In The Cloud

Cloud servers should be used in every business on the market today, and that includes SMEs as well as one person entrepreneurial projects. Recent years have seen cloud servers develop a bad rep, mainly due to hacks on systems such as the Apple incident that resulted in the theft of thousands of MBs of data that impacted the lives of a number of celebrities. However, outside of the stories from the mainstream media, cloud servers have been very effective and useful for business owners.

These days there is definitely an increased need for business security. Just look at Equifax. The company suffered a devastating hack earlier this year that exposed millions of their customers to fraud. The good news is that cloud servers can help you keep company information safe and secure. Remember, with a cloud server information isn’t stored in the office location. Instead, it could be anywhere on a digital server. As such, they are far more difficult to break into and steal from.

Aside from the increased level of security cloud servers will also allow you to instantly transfer data from one computer to another at breakneck speed. You might even be able to transfer TBs of data halfway around the world in seconds. Why is this? Well, everything is already online, so there’s no need to wait for it to load up and as such there’s no delay.

There’s An App For That

How about investing in a business app? A business app is a great idea because it can essentially act as a gateway that business customers can use to connect with your company. They can buy from your business, find out new information or just engage in a cool promotion. The key to a great app is to make sure that it is easily accessible and provides key information that customers want or need. For instance, you might want to think about getting an app setup that will allow them to check their account on your business site. Or, it could even be a shopping app where they can actually buy your products. There are plenty of possibilities to consider here, this is just one example.

If you are investing in an app, you need to make sure that it works effectively. It is absolutely crucial that it does not have any faults and there are two reasons for this. First, it will mean bad reviews that will be linked to your business. Second, and perhaps more importantly, it will mean that you will have spent money on something that doesn’t work and therefore cannot generate positive results. That said, there is a fix for this issue. You just need to make sure that you invest in a testing service like Global App Testing. With their professional services, you can make sure that when you do make an app available, then it is ready for the market without any errors or issues that might cause it to crash.

VR Wonders

You should definitely be looking into VR for your business if only purely for marketing purposes. Virtual reality opens up a whole new world of ways to interact, communicate and connect with your customers. To explore this possibility, we can look at the example of home design. Let’s say that you are selling new builds to customers and property investors. You can use VR to show them fully built homes rather than waiting for a later stage in the process. You can give them everything they could possibly hope to see and bring your ideas for the development alive before their very eyes.

In the past, the tech for VR was far too expensive for the average customer to invest in. Now, it’s affordable enough to have in your living room or even in your pocket. As such, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t have this in your business too, ready for customers to use.

Of course, on the opposite side to consider there is augmented reality. This too can be a useful tool for customers and business owners. You might be selling a product online. You want to show customers what it would be like to own this product but since you’re an ecommerce site, they can’t stop by and see it in the store. AR is the answer to this conundrum. With an AR code on your site, you’ll be able to make sure that customers can see the product in the virtual world in a way that the process of looking at it becomes far more immersive.

AR tech is developing every year, but you can include this possibility in an app that you might consider developing. It could be a fantastic option, particularly if you want to grab the attention of your customers and clients.

Automated Software

Finally, you should consider the possibility of investing in automated software. Automated technology will make things far cheaper for your business and your entire model more cost-efficient. There is automated tech available for every industry these days, so there’s no need to miss out on a possibility that is going to make your business far more competitive. An example of this type of software would be tech you can use to create content for your site that uses the content online that already exists to create fresh pieces.

We hope you find this information useful and realize how important some of the tech we have mentioned here could be for your business.

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