Terrific Gifts for Tricky Teens

Written by Chloe Harwood

Teenagers have always been hard to shop for. Almost as hard as Dad’s! Their tastes change every five minutes; they are heavily influenced by their peers and role models and something that might have been an amazing gift last week might be nothing short of a mortifying embarrassment today. Social media makes all of this worse of course. They’ve got constant access to what their favorite celebrities and friends are doing. They know what’s in and what’s not, and they barely take enough time off a screen to pay much attention to what they’ve been given anyway. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. If you’ve got a teen birthday or occasion coming up and need to find the perfect gift, here are some awesome ideas to help.

A Streaming Subscription

The internet is a massive part of any teens life. There’s no getting away from it, so embrace it and give them what they want. Teens like to have their own space, to do what they want. They don’t want to sit with their parents watching old shows, or with younger siblings watching Paw Patrol. So, buy them a subscription to something like Netflix (or upgrade your own subscription so it can be used on more than one device). Even if they don’t have a TV in their room, they’ll be able to watch on their other devices and even download content to watch on the go.

Alternatively, if they’re not that into TV or films but love music, a Spotify Premium membership could be the answer. It has all of the benefits of the free service, but with complete access to the entire Spotify library, unlimited skips, no adverts and the ability to save tracks to your device and listen offline.

A Drone

Even young teenagers now will tell you that they are too old for toys. But, drones are different. Adults enjoy playing with drones, and if nothing else, they give them a fantastic way to film videos and take overhead shots for their Instagram feeds. Read this RC Hobby Review for a look at some of the best affordable, drones on the market.

An Experience Day

Teenagers like nothing more than to be treated like an adult. So, buy them an experience day. This can be anything from a cookery class or spa day to a high-speed car driving session. Just make sure you check the age limits and that an adult can accompany them if necessary.

Activewear and Equipment

Keeping fit is very trendy right now. We’re all much more conscious of our bodies and our health and have all the knowledge that we need to keep on top of things. Teens everywhere are hitting the gym, wearing fitness trackers and trying new sports. For something a little less serious than a Fitbit or running shoes, how about some retro roller-skates? Remind them of what it’s like to be a kid and have fun, while encouraging healthy habits.

Think about what your teen likes. Use this gift as a chance to give them what they want and need. Without trying to change them.

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