The Best Ways To Market Yourself In The Real World

Written by Chloe Harwood

When it comes to marketing our small businesses, we often forget there’s a real world out there. We spend all our time tweaking our websites, boosting SEO tactics, and managing social media. Online marketing is phenomenal and very powerful. But, just remember, there’s an entire world of opportunity out there.

Local businesses, in particular, will certainly benefit from boosting their offline marketing techniques. You should absolutely keep working away at your digital efforts, but don’t forget about the real world. It could just give you the boost you need. Here are some ideas.

NetworkingNetworking is still – without a doubt – the single most important thing you can do for your business. Meeting the right people will open up new doors for you. It will unleash new opportunities, and create lucrative openings. If you want to land the biggest clients, secure investment, or reach out to new suppliers, networking is king! There is no better advert for your business than you.

Events – When it comes to launching a new product, most businesses tend to focus their efforts online. They create social media adverts and send email updates etc. But, if you want to make a splash in your local town, you need to throw an event! Hosting an event allows you to invite all the local media and tastemakers. You can introduce yourself to new clients and potential suppliers. It’s a great way to make sure everyone is talking about your new business.

Flyers and posters – Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the easiest. Flyers and posters still work incredibly well, especially when it comes to brand awareness. The key is to put them in the right places around town. For instance, you can bulk buy poster frames, and put them up in the relevant places. If your product is aimed at students, place the posters and flyers in and around the local university.

Business cards – We can’t stress the importance of business cards enough. It’s such a small, simple thing, that can guarantee you new clients. Everyone loves a creative and imaginative business card. So, find a style that matches your business. Now, just make sure you have it to hand every time you’re meeting new people. These days, people are relying on their websites or social media accounts at networking events. Quite simply, it’s not enough! New leads and prospects need a physical reminder they can take home with them.

Magazine adverts – Some might say that traditional marketing is dead in the water. In some cases, we tend to agree. TV and radio adverts, for example, are nowhere near as powerful as they once were. Magazine adverts, however, still have their place in your marketing strategy. Despite declining circulation, magazines are still read by the hardcore audiences. The most passionate and dedicated customers read magazines, so it’s a great way to reach them. Target the main magazines in your niche, and try running a new advert.

As you can see, there are lots of creative ideas that apply to the real world. Keep doing your digital marketing, but learn to embrace the real world too!

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