The Health Advantages of Growing A Beard

Written by Chloe Harwood

Beards are making a comeback all over the world. As it was earlier, the growth of this beard rage has fueled major debate all over. Some think that the beard is a cool way to make a personal statement and some would love nothing more than to see men cleanly shaven again. While, there is no doubt that a beard can change your look and personality drastically, there are other compelling reasons to grow one. The biggest reason, which most people, for and against the beard, do not know is the health benefits that sporting a beard provides. Given below is a list of health benefits that benefit those who allow their beards to grow.

Protects the face From UV rays

Thick beards, according to scientific research, are capable of blocking UV rays up to 95%. A lush beard protects your face from sunburn and also helps protect the skin on your face and neck from getting cancer.

Prevents Acne Causing Bacteria from Spreading

Sporting a beard means not having to shave and that prevents acne-causing bacteria from spreading across your face. Taking care of your beard will lead to healthy facial skin.

Beards act as Natural Filters

It has been noted that men with mustaches are less prone to nasal allergies and conditions like hay fever. This is because the hairs on the mustache act like filters, keeping out microscopic allergens from entering the nose. Add a beard to the face and you take natural filtering to a different level. Beards help keep the allergens from entering the mouth, leading to a healthier you. This will, of course, depend on the style of beard you sport. For more on different styles of beards visit and learn about how the beard changes your look and which style is best suited for your face type. However, you must keep your beard clean and maintain regular grooming.

Beards Help the Skin Stay Healthy 

With the amount of protection that a beard offers to your facial skin by way of protecting it from UV rays and cancerous blemishes and by keeping acne under check, it automatically keeps your facial skin healthy and looking younger. 

Lesser Wrinkles on the Face

With the reduction in the amount of facial skin exposed to the sun, one of the side-effects is lesser wrinkles. There is no doubt that skin exposed to the sun, dries faster and thus forms wrinkles.

Beards Help Keep Your Skin Moist

Exposed skin dries out faster in the sun. While, this may not affect those who do not stay in the sun for long, shaving every day does. Shaving opens the pores of the skin and thus causes you to lose skin moisture; both in summers and winters. Keeping a beard eliminates both the problems.

Beards can Prevent Some Bacterial Infections

With the pores of your skin not exposed due to your beard, the chances of bacterial infections gaining access to your skin reduce drastically. 

The Bottom Line

More than just a style statement, a beard also offers health benefits. So, go ahead and get healthy with style.

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