The Many Benefits Of Keeping Your Office Clean And Tidy

Written by Chloe Harwood

Do you remember when your mum told you off repeatedly for not making your bed or not clearing up your clothes from your floordrobe? How about the time she brought you up on the fact that mould was growing out of that coffee cup you’d left on your bedside table for months on end? She always said that a clean room led to a fresh start. How right she was.

Look around your office. If it’s like a pigsty or something that resembles a bull in a china shop, then please read on. Shake yourself. What’s going on? Didn’t mum teach you anything? These are the morals of life. Get your homework diary out. Do you think your staff, as hardworking as they are, like working in a tip? Of course they don’t. You’ve heard the whispers. You always said you would do the cleaning but recently you’ve slacked off a bit haven’t you? Those bins are full to the brim and look at that apple core on top of the printer! Surely you need some cooperation from those around you. They aren’t so innocent in all of this. How about putting some signs on the walls warning them to improve the cleanliness of the workplace? And include yourself in that but don’t be doing it all yourself. You’ve got millions of other stresses to think about haven’t you? The board meeting next Friday springs to mind.

No time to do the cleaning yourselves? You are busy bees at the moment. Then why not hire somebody to do it for you? You can ask around similar companies for any potential recommendations. Maybe, there’s a start up company who’s willing to do it on the cheap or how about looking online for someone to come in and do your commercial cleaning? Whatever happens, you know that something drastic has to be done. You can’t have new clients coming in to the office and seeing how disorganised things seem. Your deals will go down the pan. And what if there is a rat or cockroach outbreak? Now that could end up being a national scandal.

Sit yourself down and imagine coming into the office one day and seeing it gleam and sparkle. That’s the dream isn’t it? Think about what that would do for your team morale. If all else fails, at least there’ll be something to talk about. Think how excited your clients and visitors would feel about coming in to see you and imagine all the new ones you can attract. They can sit down in the reception area without dust going up their noses or going to the toilet with no spiderwebs for company. And all because you made the right decisions at the right time. Why not take some pictures, put them on social media and celebrate? Your instagram would go crazy. This is a whole fresh start for you, and that’s not just the lavender air freshener. Mum would be ever so proud.

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Chloe Harwood