They’re On Your (Re)tail! Keeping Your Store Relevant

Written by Chloe Harwood

The modern retailer has a lot more to think about them the old-fashioned ones of many moons ago. A long time ago, retailers had one simple store, a few favorite customers and made their living modestly. Now with various small local businesses, such as post offices being closed down due to this old school method, this is highlighting the plight of what a modern retailer needs to do to remain relevant. Technology is a key aspect of this, but also it is how you interact with the customer. So what are the key components of a retailer in the modern age?

Live Monitoring Of Stock And Transactions

With contemporary POS (point of sale) systems you can monitor the stock more efficiently, rather than doing a monthly or bi-annual stock check. A store that sells a high quantity of a specific item, such as liquor can benefit from liquor POS systems because it is linked directly to the back office functions. This means that the manager can see exactly what was sold on a specific day, and can make alterations to bring in more stock or remove a certain product from the shelves.

Training Staff

It isn’t just about having someone behind the cash register anymore, customers require a lot of more interaction on a face-to-face basis as well as online. This is why staff need to be upskilled in so many different types of retail processes, so, not just dealing with customers efficiently, but also understanding what the customer needs at the drop of a hat. Working in retail from the perspective of a member of staff requires a lot more multitasking than just processing a payment; it is a very multifaceted process now.


Of course, this is the most essential components of keeping a retailer alive now. With the various methods of communication now, from social media to website forms, your customers have a direct interaction with your business, and this is how it should be played out now. Marketing your store has never been easier in some respects, but in competing with your contemporaries, you need to find ways to be cleverer with your marketing and make sure you understand the essential tools to make the biggest impacts. This includes things like search engine optimization, as well as promotional materials, and also by providing a great service. A lot of businesses in the modern age don’t think about this aspect as much, but it’s still a vital component of a successful retailer.

Following Up With The Customer

This is another hallmark of the modern retailer. Following up a sales transaction with a customer means you can get more information on how to improve your services, as well as getting that vital marketing information to help tailor your future promotions. The process can be done in many ways, from a simple questionnaire, all the way through to customer contact by a phone call. And this is what will keep your business relevant and at the forefront of the customer’s mind.

A modern retailer also has the online aspects to think of, but when you are trying to make a simple store relevant now, you should try these four pillars first.

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