Top 4 accessories for your laptop

Written by Chloe Harwood

Laptops have become a popular tech staple over the years. Due to their small and compact design, these devices have all but replaced bulky desktop monitors and computer towers. Whether you use yours for work or play, here are four tech accessories to help you make the most of your laptop.

  1. 1. A protective sleeve

To keep your laptop in pristine condition, it might be a good idea to purchase a protective sleeve. For the times when you don’t need to use it, you can simply slip your laptop into a cushioned case to keep it from getting scratched and generally damaged. Having a cover also means that you can carry it around more easily and safely, especially if you go for a design with a handle or strap. Laptop sleeves can be found in a number of places, such as in high street stores. You can also find suitable products online by visiting specialist sites such as www.tuff-luv.com. From vintage leather briefcases to padded neoprene sleeves, there are a variety of different cases and covers available.

  1. A decal sticker

Why not personalise your laptop with a cool decal sticker? This accessory can be applied to the front cover of your device. Most decal skins are ultra-thin and flexible, meaning they’re easy to attach, and when you’re ready for a change, they can be peeled off leaving no traces of residue on your laptop. From pretty floral patterns to quirky geometric prints, sticker decals are available in a whole host of designs and colours, so you shouldn’t struggle to find a skin that perfectly suits you.

  1. A wireless mouse

While your laptop will be installed with a touch-sensitive trackpad, you could invest in a wireless mouse. Using your fingers to navigate your way around the screen can be restricting at times, and by having a mouse device, you can move more freely. Wireless mice have been designed to sync up to your laptop without needing to connect via a wire, usually using Bluetooth technology instead.

  1. A pair of portable speakers

If you use your laptop to listen to music and watch videos, you might benefit from getting yourself a pair of portable speakers. For the times when your inbuilt laptop speakers just aren’t producing enough volume, a set of speakers can be plugged into your device to give you a louder listening experience. Opting for a portable pair means that you can carry these with you, and regardless of your budget, you should easily be able to find high-quality speaker products at an affordable price.

To take your tech to the next level, why not invest in one or more of these innovative and useful laptop accessories?

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