Top 4 Reasons Why You Want To Make An App

Written by Chloe Harwood

If you’re considering making an app, there are a bunch of different reasons why you will want to do so. Whether they’re for personal reasons, or a business tool, they usually fall into a few different categories.

Here they are.

To give back

One reason you may want to develop an app is to give back to people by creating an app free of charge. That may be used to keep people safe, give them some joy, or just make their lives easier. You may have some skills that you believe people could really benefit from, and you’re happy to do that for free because you think it’s important to share with others.

To make money

A big reason to make an app, is because people want a way of making money, and having an app is one way to do that. Whether you just want a little bit of extra money coming in, and this is your idea of doing so, or maybe you plan on having a career within this department and make a comfortable income to live off.

Although it’s definitely not easy – you can make a living off your app as long as it’s good enough and people want it.

You can make money by either charging to be able to download, or even just by showing ads through your app.

To promote your brand

If you have a business that sells products, or offers services, then an app is an excellent tool to promote it. We’re in the year 2017, so no one looks at the back of the newspaper for services anymore, it’s all done through technology.

When people type your company into the search engine, not only will your website come up, but your app too, making new potential consumers want to find out more, and giving your current customers another way to be loyal to you.

If you build the app correctly, by making sure that you create a simple app deployment so that you can make it available for anyone to use, they will be able to contact you a lot quicker as your contact details will be just a click away. You will also be able to add direct access to your social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, your YouTube videos, and all the general news that you want your customers to know about.

To have fun

This is how most apps started out that wasn’t business related. – Just to have fun, for you, and for others. Some people make apps just as a hobby because it’s something that they are really good at doing. Eventually progressing and getting better and better. That itself is enough for people; there’s not always a hidden goal in the back of their minds.

They may also get the pleasure out of pleasing others. It’s exciting to create something and see how popular it becomes. It may be a game that you put together yourself, and you were lucky that it created a buzz, and now thousands of people around the world are playing your game.

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