Top Technology Innovations That Your Customer Facing Business Needs

Written by Chloe Harwood

If your business is customer facing, then it could massively benefit from some of the top technology innovations. Tech is definitely changing the face of business. So it’s important that your company is on top of it! Here are some of the best technology products that’ll help your business’ needs.

ID Verification

If your business has an alcohol license, then chances are you’re going to make good use of one of these. Especially if you’re a pub, bar or restaurant. Underage teens will often come into your establishment with fake IDs looking to get away with buying alcohol and getting served. This doesn’t have to be the case. Simply get hold of an ID verification scanner and put an end to the use of fake IDs around your business. The scanner complies with a range of different licensed identification means. It checks the authenticity of the card that the customer has provided you with. It can easily integrate with your current point of sale solution, too. It’s seamless and only takes a few seconds to work. These are also handy in retail stores where you make sell age-restricted products, such as knives.


Providing complimentary WiFi service for your consumers is a massive appeal for them to enter your business. Coffee shops and cafes are perfect examples of how free WiFi enticement can work. Business professional will want to grab a hot drink or a bite to eat in the morning, at lunchtime or even after work. So, by providing internet access you are encouraging them to stay at one of your tables and do their work in your establishment. Not only does this make your business look busy and attractive, but it also encourages that consumer to spend more on your refreshments. It’s a simple, easy and affordable technology innovation that will provide results for your business.

iPad POS

Take advantage of one of Apple’s greatest products, the iPad. iPads have been proven to make excellent point of sale devices and work especially well in restaurants and bars. In a restaurant, waiters and waitresses can quickly and swiftly add a diner’s order to an app on the device, which is is sent straight to the kitchens. This alleviates some of the waiting time between a customer ordering what they want and receiving their food. In bars, iPads can also be used to open, manage and add to tabs. This speeds up the process of ordering time-consuming drinks, such as cocktails. This really is one clever innovation that your business would be silly not to take advantage of. Apple’s iPad Mini makes this an even more affordable venture, too.

Ultimately, any of these technology advances is going to benefit your customer facing business in one way or another. Whether you’re trying to keep the wrong people out, get the right people in, or make life easier for the customers you already know and love. Then, technology has you covered. Be sure to try out at least one of these top technology innovations to benefit your business.

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