Top Tips for Engaging With Audience at a Digital Conference

Written by Chloe Harwood

Every day, our world is becoming more digitized, and were are quickly learning to adapt to the new technologies available to us. With technology making so many things easier for us, it only makes sense that we incorporate it for interactive conferences.

If you want to learn how to engage with your audience during your next digital conference, here are a few tips to help make your presentation a success.

  1. Interactive Sessions

This allows you and the audience to be on the same page because they can get involved in the presentation by asking questions through digital platforms instead of just listening to the presentation.

A lot of people use MPP Global to help bring the panelist and audience closer by using their digital monetization tool to identify, engage and monetize digital audiences.

Having a tool like this also helps the audience follow what the panelist is talking about and allows them to ask questions through chats.

  1. Better Formatting

According to studies, the humans generally have a 20-minute attention span, which means they will likely lose interest in the speech being given by the panelist is it is too long.

You can avoid losing the audience by intermingling entertaining and informative sessions. For example, instead of trotting out panelists one after another to give informative speeches, you can have an interactive session first, then have a panelist give a 20 minute speech, then go back to another interactive session.

By keeping the audience busy between speeches, they will be able to sit through the presentations and retain more information.

  1. Moderating

A moderator isn’t just around to introduce panelists, they can also make a conference a great experience by coordinating the speakers in terms of how their presentations go together, who speaks, keeping the discussion going, avoiding overlap, staying on track and running Q&A sessions with presentations.

The Q&A sessions are probably the most important at a conference, so it is a good idea for the moderator to have at least a 30 minute Q&A session after each panelist is done speaking.

Doing so also helps to keep the audience’s interest.

  1. Ice Breakers

This might sound corny but ice breakers still work at conferences, especially the smaller ones, so it is a great idea to have a few you can use before giving a speech. They not only help you reduce your nervousness, they also make the audience feel more comfortable.

  1. Social Network

You can’t have a digital conference without using social media networks like Twitter. By having a hashtag for the conference, you will make it easier for those in attendance and those that missed it to get the information they missed by simply searching for the hashtag on Twitter.

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